Cathrine Picture

My persona in unlabledpunk's PPG fanfic (when she gets it up), Cathrine. Here is her data:
Name: Cathrine, “Catty”/”Thrine”
Age: about 16
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green-yellow
Markings: One purple streak (left side of hair)
Likes: Wolves, playing games (board), skipping school, shopping for stuff, mythology, changing her shape, J-Pop music (Kanon Wakeshima), the cello, books, Blackrose (friends, sort of), etc.
Dislikes: Regular dogs, school, cheerleaders, rap music, having to stay in one form, shopping with her mom, cello lessons, bad stories, people who annoy her, etc.
Skin tone: Pale
Hobbies: Magic, cello, writing (poetry), driving the Professor crazy by keeping Blackrose out all night.
Quotes: “Watch out, b-tch!” (pissed); “Everyone knows lesbians have more fun.” (teasing/flirtatious); “
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