goat man Picture

yeah yeah, it looks scrapy.

and, i was bored on internet (story of my life) and i found this page about weird mythological creatures and at some point it sayed "goat man" but i didnt eaven read what else it sayed because there was a drawing of the goat man.

and i sayed to myself: "god! i wished i was that good".
And its really hard you now because first you need to know anatomy(im on my way, im getting pretty good at it actually), then you need to now about lights and shadows very well (im not that good but im not that bat) and finalli you need to now to draw fur (and i suck at it in so many ways. And when you now all this you have to go and buy yourself a palet nd a real photoshop program (not gimp).

but i decided to practice a bit so i copied the image and opened it on GIMP and then lined it, coulored it and spended the next two hours trying to add tlight and shadow in the right places. and eaventhought it looks crappy and i didn drew the pose this was just a practice and i think i did well.
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