Ersska Picture

Finally! Now y'all get to see MY version of Ersska. Yay!

Name: Ersska

Age: unknown (has lost track of the years)

Gender: female

Race: naga

Physical Appearance: brown, shoulder-length hair, blue-green eyes, pale skin, 5'7" (in human form) (about 12' in naga form) When in naga form, has a jade snake tail from the waist down (looks human from waist up) has blackish-brown bat-like wings, has strange tattoo on right upper arm that only she knows the meaning of

Attire: green tank top that shows stomach, with loose arm warmers that go from her hands to just above her elbows, (when in human form) baggy black pants and heavy black boots

Weapon(s): 2 elbow blades (kinda like daggers, but has sideways handle)
can control the weather
has limited control of fire (can only control small fires like campfires)
can heal herself (and others but not as well)
is poisonous (only if she bites you)
limited telepathy (can only read small streams of thought)

History (Optional): Born into a normal family, Ersska always felt she didn't belong. She found out her true form when she was young. She kept it a secret. Until one day, a boy from her village spotted her in the woods. The villagers rallied together and forced her out of the village. After that, Ersska kept her talents and her form hidden from society. Those who are unfortunate enough to see her true form fall victim to her, unless they prove to be friendly. She travels alone, has been to many places, and has been many things from slave to assassin. She has never met another of her kind, but is always on the look-out to help a fellow outsider.

Personality: stubborn and set in her ways, has a short temper, can be kind and caring but rarely shows that side of her, may be bossy at times, may seem rude and inconsiderate and nosy at first but will warm up to you after a while

Shadows compliment of the scanner.
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