Mist and Nana Picture

Mist is the girl with the purple hair and Nana is the doll with the missing eye

Lets start with Mist information first


Name: Mist. H. Scarlet

Age: 15-16

Species: Demon/Human

Nationally: Choponese and Thai XDXD

Height : 5'3

Weight: very light

Music: None

Hobbies: Taking care of her doll, writing, reading her demon spell book, reading

Interests: Her Doll, magic, books, mythology
Language: English, Thai, Japanese, chinese, Portuguese, and Russian

Likes: Books, her doll, the color black, gothic dresses, mythology, casting spells, and minso soup, classics, creative writing, being alone, quiet places

Dislikes: Bright colors, popular and cool kids, socializing, anything that harms her doll, loud music, foolish people, and big crowds

Personality:Mysterious, strange, loner, calm, quiet, loyal ONLY to her doll, and intelligent.....like really intelligent



Name: Nana

Species: Demon Doll

Weapon: Needle

Personality: Caring, polite, psycho, and will kill you if you do anything to harm Mist

Likes: Mist, Her hair getting brushed

Dislikes:Anything that harms Mist

Now let's talk about both of them

Bio: Nana was actually human before, Nan was a twin sister of Mist. One day Nana was stabed in the eye and throat so Mist did a illegal spell to save her from dieing by putting her in a doll which Mist made her self before she was stabbed
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