Pumpkin Adopt Attempt Picture

"Fuck off! She's not interested!"
Lunare is telling a guy who is hitting on Pumpkin off XD

Lunare and a new comer named Pumpkin, who i am trying to adopt from here: [link]

Here is her info:
Ok, so for the last 5 or 6 days, I have been writing in a word document eight pages of info on number 3, because I love her so much, and my comic could not survive without her. So without further ado:

Number: 3
Name: Pumpkin
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Pumpkin is a very calm and sensitive individual. She hates guys who try to hit on her, but she has a hard time telling them to piss off. She hates seeing people upset, but she will stand up for Lunare, even if it means hurting someone else. She can be flustered easily, and has trouble focusing on one thing at a time. She and Lunare are best buds, and Pumpkin doesn't mind Lunare, even when she is as drunk as a dog. She will support her friend through everything, because she knows Lunare would do the same for her. Lunare calls her a straight edge because she dislikes drinking more than a sip of wine per day, and sometimes no alchlohol at all. She will go to bars with Lnare, but she tends to just order water. When Lunare gets really shrunk and punchy, she helps keep her out of trouble. Although Lunare can be a pain in the butt, Pumpkin tolerates her because she loves her as a friend.

Biography: When Pumpkin was really young, she lived in a flock of 30 Wisp Badgers. She was very happy with her life, and both her parents loved her. However, none of the other children liked because her colors were very dark compared to the other wisp badgers. She was a lonely child, but the adults liked her, that was all she needed. But all good times come to an end. When she was 17, she was instructed to go into the woods to find food for the flock. She was picking blackberries when she smelled smoke. She wipped around to find huge columns of smoke staining the sky, and all around them was a red-orange glow. She darted back to her home, only to find it in ruins. The fire had destroyed everything. It was raining, and the fires was extinguished, but Pumpkin knew she would never be able to find her family, even if they had survived. So she found a burrow not far off, and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she decided to find a new home without her flock, and she trotted off into the woods. She had not gone far before she came across a small group of buildings. She had never seen anything like it, and decided to investigate. She was greeted warmly by th residents, and they explained that this was a place of comfort and rest for misfits, outcasts, and those who are lost. She decided to stay there. One year later, she met Lunare at a bar (the town had gotten considerably bigger). A griffon was trying to hit on her, and Lunare came to her rescue by telling him to "Fuck off, she's not interested!" They became instant friends, and tend to hang out almost every night.

Favorite way to mess with guys: When a male trys to hit on Pumpkin, she has trouble telling them off. So, Lunare will come to her rescue by coming up beside her and saying "Hey girl, are you having fun? Oh, who is this?" Pumpkin will then explain how the man has introduced himself and what he has said. Lunare will act very interested, and then will say, "Well, isn't that the nicest thing! That's how me and her met as well! We having been going out for a year now," this would make the guy very nervous, and quickly walk away. pumpkin and Lunare would laugh, and then go dance.

Talents: Although most would not suspect it, Pumpkin is a very skilled artist. Although her drawing skills are not amazingly good, she can sketch almost anything she sees. Pumpkin also has a knack for learning cultures and langueges quickly and easily just by observing the natives and their customs. Many do not think this is an important skill, but it can come in handy when she confronts a new species. She acctaully loves taking care of kids, but she can be a bit of a push over, and most children take advantage of that. However, she still loves doing it and has always wanted a child of her own, but she is infertile....

Chineses Zodiac: Sheep

Birthday: January 1, 1991

Beliefs: Unlike most Wisp badgers, Pumpkn is very unsure of her beliefs. She was very willing to worship Tobas as a child, but after being introduced to many other cultures, she has begun to question her previous beliefs. She loves all mythology, but she cannot decide which one she truly believes yet. So for now, she is most likely an atheist, even though that will probably change.

Favorite relaxing activity: Pumpkin loves watching birds and bird-like species. She has always wanted to be able to survive, and it makes her very depressed when she realised she never will. So she watches other colorful species as they fly into the sky, and secretly envys their bright colors and feather filled wings. But not even jealousy can keep her from being in aw of the gorgeous creatures that fill the sky.

Medical Conditions:

Unfortunately, Pumpkin has some health problems
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