Geezhigo-Quae Picture

Geezhigo-Quae, from my fantasy/mythology serial Manitou Island [link] I used a tutorial I found here to try to draw her as I'm lousy at drawing my characters, especially humans; this isn't EXACTLY how I picture her, but it's close. (I think perhaps her face should be somewhat longer though.)

Geezhigo-Quae, or the Sky Mother (her name literally means "Sky Woman" ), is a powerful manitou (spirit) who re-created Manitou Island after the first was destroyed in a flood. She did this by collecting soil from the bottom of the water and placing it upon a great snapping turtle's back. She's the mother and ancestor of the Michinimakinong, or Turtle Spirits, as can be seen by her pointed ears and wings (the latter not visible here). She lives in a great tree known as the Sky Tree, whose bark and leaves reflect the colors of the sky. From here she keeps watch over Manitou Island and her beloved Michinimakinong.

Geezhigo-Quae is very old, but seemingly ageless, which is why she's not wrinkled. Her eyes, like those of most manitous, are sapphire blue and can glow. Her hair is long and white with streaks of pale blue like the sky and she has feathers on her ears. Her clothing is decorated with images of the moon, stars, birds, and clouds.

Geezhigo-Quae is from Ojibwa mythology, but this representation is copyrighted to me.
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