Zeta Team: Stella Picture

I started playing Pokemon Zeta yesterday except my data crashed and had to start over. Luckily Belle and a few other members returned. I haven't gotten very far yet. My pokemon still vary between levels 4 to 11. Starley was the first pokemon I caught and I named her Stella since the pokemon is named STARly and Star in Italian is Stella.

I won't be doing another ginika series since I cannot do so many series any more, and I'll only be drawing those in the party and not in the storage. Though I think it would be cool if she had a more civilan like outfit.

When the data got corrupted Stella was removed and instead I caught a male Starley and I named it Cosmo, I'll draw him later though.

Update March 2: Stella did come back after the third restrat because I thought there was this awful glitch and Cosmo is gone. However I still plan to draw Cosmo and Stella and Belle just evoloved so I may do an evolution form for them.

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Former Team:
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Name: Stella

Age: 16

Species/race: Starly Gijinika

Place of birth: Route 301

Powers/abilities: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Special skills: Keen Eye-Ignores status boosts to other opponets

Hobbies: Fortune telling and learning about mythology

Likes: History class, nature, Trance or chillstep music, and mythology

Dislikes: Rude or loud people, being indoors, crowds

Affliation: Kayla's Team

Favorite food: Salmon

Favorite drink: Guava juice

Favorite color: White and Black

Fashion Style: She likes traditional japanese clothing or have a japanese motif to regular clothing. For example a chibi girl in a kimono on a T shirt or wear friendship braclets with cute charms.
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