Demorae, Fallen Angel of Apocalypse Picture

I feel like Demorae's true identity as an Apocalypse God has always been...vague, at best.

Especially since upon her reveal, I've been very secretive about her "Apocalypse God" form and the mechanics behind it.

And here is where it gets tricky to describe. Are any of you familiar with a mind based visual concept called "Difference of Mental Interpretation"?

You know when you visually see or read something and your mind usually interprets it as something funny, makes that dirty place in our human minds accidentally slip out, or even creep us out to the point of saying "nope?", and how those reactions are almost always different based on the number of people you know?

That...except it's a bit tougher to explain because it focuses primarily on the visual aspect side of it.

From every other character's (such as Stella's) viewpoint, Demorae's Apocalypse God form is a colossal pitch black feral rabbit-like creature.

However, from Nafhe's viewpoint specifically, her true appearance as an Apocalypse God can be seen. If you noticed, she has angel-esque wings that look like they've been stripped of any means of flight. (Despite the fact that she can easily fly with these seemingly weak and featherless wings)

Demorae's true Apocalypse God form, much like Dragon Slayer and Izanami's true name's shared back story, is a biblical/mythological reference (depending on how you interpret the bible's stories as either a story for religious life lessons, or a book that combines history and mythology) to the story of the Fallen Angels.

The other five Apocalypse Gods all have these same wings when their host sees them in their Goddess form.

In her True Apocalypse God Form - like the other Apocalypse Gods - Demorae uses a holy sword and shield known as Strages and Everto.

This form makes its first appearance in Light to All as Nafhe's last opponent.

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