Thy Deadly Sin Picture

This is my senshi Sailor Omega Peccatrix along with her human form (Jezebel Lilith) her past form (Baal) and her Sadistic form (Sadistic Sailor Omega Peccatrix.)

(Shadings and everything are not there on purpose..This is for review only.)

Biography (A re-do of the old one..Hopefully this makes more sense.)

About the Girl

Name: Jezebel Lilith (Jezê-bell Lil-eth)

Meaning: Jezebel derives from the male version of the name ‘Baal’, it also pertains to ‘unchaste lady’ Lilith means ‘of the night’, and putting them together, you get ‘Unchaste lady of the night’. It is of course intended irony.

Nickname: Sister Belle (The sisters in the convent are very wary of Jezebel’s name because they believe that saying her name brings in an unexplainable evil.)

Birth date: May 23, 1989

What country was she born in?: Paris, France

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Sun Sign: Gemini

Age: Twenty-three

Height: 5’ 5” (165 Cm)

Weight: 125 lbs (57 Kg)

Eye color: A light cyan hue

Hair: Light blonde (#FFFFFF), very thin and goes down to the mid back. The bangs are slightly whiter and are tucked behind her ears. Her hair is usually covered by a wimple (the headdress nuns wear) and only a few strands of hair poke out.

Skin: A papaya whip hue (#FFEFD5) with blotches of white upon her skin from to much sun exposure. Jezebel has a rare disorder called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, she cannot be outside for lengthy periods and if she is she must be heavily covered.

Blood Type: AB

Father: Tobias Constantin (changed his last name after he divorced Désiré in 2005)
Parental history: Tobias is a strong willed man who would do anything for his artsy ill fated wife Désiré. When Jezebel was born he was too happy for words and promised to protect her if anything ever happened. That time did come when Jezebel was eight years old. Désiré had post partum depression and still suffered from it, she had tried to drown Jezebel. Tobias had forgotten his keys and heard screams from the bathroom and rescued her from a closed death. He placed his wife in an insane asylum and took care of Jezebel until he lost his job in the coal mining business. Taking Jezebel out of school when she was fifteen, he placed her in the hands of the nuns at the Notre Dame convent. He ran off to join the war and is reinstated as one of the officers, he hopes to go back home to see Jezebel once more.

Mother: Désiré Lilith

Relationship History: Désiré had always been frail, she never could fight her own battles. She placed all her emotions through art and that is where she met her knight in shining armor Tobias at an Paris auction. They fell in love, but the fairytale did not last. After Désiré had Jezebel, horrible thoughts enveloped her mind that her child was demonic. She tried to kill her daughter because the dark spirit in her mind told her she was evil. Tobias had found them and drove her to the insane asylum. She has stared there ever sense, Jezebel still visits her on occasion.

Mental State: Jezebel has a bout with Body Dysmorphia with a mild case of Split Personality Disorder. She does not realize that she intentionally harms her body on purpose. She tells herself she does this for the Lord.

Build: Her body does not burn fat nor does she not divulge in it either. She has an hourglass shape, but is very aware of her breast size in which she tries to hide by wrapping them. She also binds her waist in the name of the Lord also her arms and legs. Her BMI: 23.2 Kg/m squared.

Likes: Eating honeydew(a type of fruit) while listening to the birds under the shade of a tree. Reading about mythological creatures whenever Mother Superior is not looking. Making flower arrangements in the spring. Preying…When she has too. Visiting her mother in the mental asylum.

Dislikes: Avoiding the sun, scary looking people (whenever she can go out with the sisters.) Being unfaithful to God if she ever has bad thoughts about another sister. Snakes because she believes it is the animal that is rooted to evil. That her father does not visit her anymore. And meat.

Favorite Subjects: Religious subjects were her favorite when she attended the Catholic high school. She had a thing for the Philosophy class too, even though she would never admit it because it went against things she believed in.

Least Favorite Subjects: Any thing to deal with sports or science, she rarely paid attention in class because she thought the teachers of science were blasphemers.

Favorite Food(s): Honeydew because of the sweetness, bread for that is what they eat everyday, and squash because she loves the way it goes down her throat.

Least Favorite Food(s): Any type of meat, she loves all creatures…Except for the snake.

Favorite Gemstone: She does not have one.

Future Goals: She wants to be the next Mother Superior of the Notre Dame Convent.

Strengths: Sew, make flower arrangements, calm, easy to talk too. Has her way of making things better (like singing songs while cleaning.)

Weaknesses: Fragile, can be manipulated at times, does not argue back, her mind (distraught from her mother’s attempt on killing her.), Xeroderma Pigmentosum (cannot go outside all the time.)

Personality: Good Side: Being a nun, it is expected to act on your best behavior. Jezebel is one of those nuns who will be cordial towards anyone no matter whom they are. She always takes in the needy, tries her best to help the sick whenever she is able to travel with them to the hospital. (This is a rarity because of her condition.) In addition, she happily cleans whenever Mother Superior asks her to do so. There is nothing that can get her down, and tries to make the convent more lively by dancing in her rooms. However, she can be diligent when need be, even if she is scolded. She does her work, writing scriptures, cleaning and listening to the Priest.

Bad side: She tends to dream whenever she is cleaning and misses spots. Her heart is all there but her brain is not (Common sense wise), when she takes, someone in she forgets they are not the nicest of people. The last time she did the homeless man tried to steal the golden cross upon the altar but was stopped by an angry Mother Superior. Naïve, and innocent, the world to her is a playground and thinks everything will be okay. However, her sisters have to remind her that the world is not a wonderful place all the time that only God can heal it. Jezebel also has a tendency to cry at night whenever she feels pain for someone else that can get annoying to the sisters living next to her. She is often gullible too.

About the Senshi

Senshi Name: Sailor Omega Peccatrix

Title: The Destroyer of Sin

Race: Half demon half human

Language: She is able to communicate in both Latin and French.

Henshin-effected attributes: Instead of having a petite frame, her hips become shapely and she develops more muscle mass. Blonde hair becomes light silver hair that is gathered up into two horn like odangos that got up about ten inches and curl around at the tips. A braid of seven goes to her shoulder blades. Her skin is a more tan hue with several scars across her body. Right eye is missing, there inside is Eblis whom is supposedly her conscious and glows a certain hue of that particular sin pushing her to go and find that person. Her left eye is a hot pink color; the pupil is narrow like a snake pupil. Teeth become sharper while her nose is thinner and pointed at the end. She also grows about four more inches in height.

Senshi Personality: Omega, being half-human(Jezebel), has a shred of hope inside of her. She still believes that the human race can be good. All she has to do is destroy their sinful ways and be done with it. She is also a calm person, even though she looks psychotic she does not rush into things without figuring it out first. This comes from her demonic side (Baal). Bad side: Sailor Omega Peccatrix does hold the seven deadly sins which in any case can take over her if she loses control of the human’s sinful orb. For instance if she holds the orb for to long (wrath for example) she would be very temperamental. She sometimes does not listen to Eblis that resides in the back of her mind. She thinks for herself because her Baal part had always been linked to Lucifor and never was free to do anything without his say so. She also has split personalities when it comes to Baal and Jezebel. Her heart however can be cold towards others, she tends to do things herself and only by herself. She would prefer that the human race would be wiped out but her inner Jezebel speaks other wise. She can also be very hypocritical when it comes to certain people.

Bodice: Represents lust, the bodice, white, is cut in half, revealing the lower abdomen only. A dark blue band covers the upper part of the bodice’s hem line.

Collar: Represents the deadly sin Pride, indigo and spans out over the shoulders (about a foot where the collar hangs in the back). One white line is upon each side. It is slightly torn on the edges symbolizing how Pride wares down peoples inner ego.

Skirt: It covers the seven deadly sin hues, dark blue, cyan, indigo, dark kiwi green, dark orange, gold, and red. The upper part represents heaven, it is more silk fabric. The second layer is purgatory, more polyester type and straight. The lower layer is torn away and spiky, this represents Hell. The skirt band is orange which in terms correspond to the sin Gluttony.

Tiara: Color, silver with a black opal in the middle. It sticks up at the ends above her forehead.

Choker: Also represents the deadly sin Pride, it is indigo and connects to the broach like a medal.

Bows (front and back):
Front bow: When all hope is lost, it is a dull dark silver hue. The bow itself is torn and worn out, if untied it would be about ten inches long.
Back bow: Envy, dark kiwi it is sewn into her back (literally) the ribbons go to the knees.

Broach: All that is pure, light gold that is shaped like a star with seven points. The Omega sign is etched in black upon the middle.

Footwear: Sloth and pride, they are a indigo and light blue that fade into each other. The top of the boot is in a V shape cut, and the heel is five inches in height.

Gloves: Wrath, a blood red that go up to the upper forearms. The arm bands are gold which signify Greed.

Shoulder Guards: One inch thick there are two in all. Both are red, and from underneath the collar a spike (one on the right and left guards) protrude out and span to about seven inches in height and four inches width.

Accessories: She has one earring with the number seven on the right ear that is a gold hue and dangles to jaw.

Weapon(s): Scythe of Tolerance, about eight inches in height and three inches in width. The blade is made of pure iron and the rod is a black opal stone. Inscribed upon the pole are the seven deadly sins in Latin. Ira(Wrath), Gula (Gluttony), Superbia (Pride), Avaritia(Avarice/Greed), Invidia (Envy), Cupidita (Lust), and Socordia (Sloth).
Weapon's Special Abilities (if applicable): The scythe is used to either slaughter someone. Alternatively, relieve someone of their sin by slicing through an imaginary window of the soul and taking their Orb (sin) away

Realm of Influence: Rebirthing Soul

Henshin Object: The gold seven pointed star.

Transformation: Eblis chants a phrase when Jezebel is asleep; however, she becomes aware on the last line. The Chant goes like this: “ibera nos ab igne inferni, sed libera nos a in malo Omega Peccatrix (From the Fires of Hell, deliver us from all evil Ender of Sin.)

Description: The first time this happen is when Jezebel begun to feel a strange shadow hovering over her after she left the asylum (She already had the broach in hand). When going back to the convent she felt more fatigue then usually, even though it was night she never has that feeling of laziness. When hopping into bed she fell asleep, then a soft raspy voice chants a strange line in Latin. It grows louder each time and by the fourth time Jezebel sits up gasping for breath. The golden broach has connected to her body. Her body then begins rip apart, literally, and a new body tears through her heart and leaves Jezebel’s torn form upon the floor. A bloody mess of a new senshi is born, Sailor Omega Peccatrix. Even though it looks like a startling mess of crimson liquid, Jezebel’s body isn’t really dead it is formed with Sailor Omega Peccatrix along side Baal’s spirit.

After henshin pose: Her pose is mostly fluid, she is in the fetus position first then goes into a savage like position her arms crooked knees bent, blood dripping down the face then she stands up her scythe materializing in her hand while she gives off a sadistic snarl.

Introduction Speech: “ permissum mihi purgo vos of vestri sinnful animus” (“Let me cleanse you of your sinful soul..”
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