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I wanted to put a yuki onna into this rpg from the beginning.. it might have been better to make it a yukijin and make him the 'wizard' but I think this still works well, cuz she's so hot. ^_^ The thing is, I never did come up with good background for her.. and I didn't name her until they very last minute (I had lots of fairly good name ideas).. But anyway.. I'm glad my computer let me color this one without too much trouble (though I had trouble picking out her clothing colors, i have to keep reminding myself that many outfit-changes will be available in this XD)
Kanya's going to show up I think.. with Momo.. not sure.. the only working story I have for her is similar to hers, so might as well connect them. She's from some yukijin mountain tundra village place.. personality's a bit on the cold side, but in the way that you suspect it's a put-on..
In battle, she's going to be the.. uhh.. balanced, agile fighter.. not sure if that's a traditional RPG character class, I rather hope not.. but something like a ninja. Lots of mid-air dives and flying kicks.. and all of it related to her using dual weapons (sai, katana, hookswords, maybe some other stuff). As a secondary ability.. I guess.. perhaps primary.. she can freeze stuff.. but it's not all cool ice-beams and crap.. at least not at first.. more like.. a hand/foot-jab that freezes by touch.. ice breath.. maybe a freezing glare... Not too sure. If anyone has any good ideas to flesh out this one's personality/backstory/whatnot.. I could use some help. Somehow, taking a traditional yuki onna, turning her into a youthful ninja-y chick, and figuring that'd be enough.. isn't quite working. XD
Oh, and the white skin isn't working against this white background either.. but oh well.

EDIT: Ok, so I guess 102 pounds was a little light for someone her height. I fixed it. Happy?
I also came up with a background for her.. she's a musician! Gotta leave your home village to make it as a musician. ^_^ Not sure what instrument yet. Probably some crazy-ass flute.
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