Queen of the Black Sun Picture

This was a commission that I finally completed after about a week of working on it. I was given pretty much free reign with it, with the only requirement being that it had to depict a physical embodiment of evil, and that it had to be female in form. I had this picture in my mind of a tyrannical "ancient alien" warrior queen with vast cosmic powers... she would have to be demonic, terrible, and yet also magnificent. A true fallen angel with an obviously satanic appearance yet one where you could see she echoes of her angelic beauty underneath that, like a hint of the glory she used to have. In contrast to her fallen state, I decided to depict an angel behind her in the scene, and you can see the angel there in the finished image. In addition to cosmic and spiritual evil being represented, I also wanted to represent human evil as well... so I gave her symbols such the Iron Cross and the Black Sun, which are notorious examples from history. And even a kind of twisted "Dark Holy Grail" placed in the middle of the Black Sun itself. The Eye in the Pyramid has always been a symbol for illumination, but which people idenity with in different ways. Some people see it as good and other people see it as evil. So I decided to include it in order to provide a tiny bit of ambiguity as regards the source of the Queen's powers. Does she get them from Heaven or from Hell? Does the eye symbolize God or the Devil? Each person who views this image might have their own unique interpretation. The spear the Queen holds symbolizes the Spear of Destiny, which is often paired with the Holy Grail in various legends. Since various leaders both tyrannical and benevolent have sought such relics since ancient times, I thought it would be a cool idea to have the evil Queen in my painting holding the Spear and standing before the Dark Holy Grail (which could be the Holy Grail twisted to her own dark purposes). So this whole image came together in my mind from all these various concepts. And you can see the finished product here. My client loved it, and she gave me permission to share it here so... here is the Queen of the Black Sun in all her fallen glory.
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