Kingdom of Snow human experi 1 Picture

Experimenting with different styles, including texture and coloration. Oh, and if I can convert Tales of Okasan characters to humans.

While I have no problem with anthropomorphic animals (and love them myself), I don't want to carry around a "furry" stigma on a series that has general fantasy fans/appreciators as its targeted audience. Still, I am rather reluctant to do a full switch to human characters; by doing so, a lot of the original charm in the characters would be entirely lost. I have spent years on the Okasan characters, updating, renewing, reworking, and fine tuning just to get something I am satisfied with. Alas, if all I'm going to get from my targeted audience is "EWWWW FUCKING FURFAGS", then a switch to humans is in order. I don't want non-furries to antagonize fans of anthropomorphic animal characters, but at the same time, I don't want the Furry Fandom to alienate non-furries with cries of "fursecution" and other absurdly stupid bullshit.

I grew up with fables and fairy tales that use animals as characters; at the same time, I also grew up with folklore and mythology from times of long ago and places far away. I hold fables that featured animals in the same high regard and value as I would for African folktales, Greek mythology, Native American tradition, and so forth, that featured human characters. For this reason, I apply my studies in sociology, anthropology, and even psychology in social and cultural construction on the Okasanaki folk--composed of humanoids with animal-like traits--like I would for humans on the defense that they provide an otherworldly, fairy-tale like feel that I honestly cannot recapture in the likes of orcs, elves, trolls, and other more human-like creatures.

That's really it. I want Tales of Okasan to be a series of fairy tales, epics, and so forth with the intention of recapturing that mythological atmosphere in its world construction rather than pump out some other furry drama. However, if "furry" is the big fat word that blocks the eyes of all readers out there, fans and haters alike, then I'm switching to human or fantasy humanoids.

I would like your opinion, however. This is just an experiment on how Slave no. 1721 would look like as a human or a fantasy humanoid (some elfish creature, I don't know wtf he'd be). If you think he shouldn't be an anthropomorphic animal.....plant....thing..... (Taong Gubat), but you feel the human[oid] designs are weak, constructive criticism would be fantastic.


Time: 1 hour
Media: Pencil on sketchbook paper; Paintshop Pro 8, my own custom textures.

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