Chibi Frey Picture

*Warning: Lame chibi thing just to figure out this chara's appearance*

Norse god of agriculture, sun, the royal family, and male fertility~ He owned a bronze steampunk robo-pig, a boat that folded up into origami to stow in his pocket, and got given the entire kingdom of elves as a present when he was a baby, for some reason. Also he's got a running gag of being really careless about his weaponry so he tends to end up reduced to fighting with his farm tools and whatever he can wrangle up- including once winning a fight using a severed antler!

For my character version I made his design kinda super silly and off the wall because myth-frey is very neglected and often seen as unmemorable. And this costume pretty much just came about from 'what would be considered a sexy costume for a female goddess of love', cos no way am I doing this traditionally. (His twin Freya is not gonna be the overexaggerated whore that most adaptations paint her as) The chainmail loincloth has no panties underneath and that's totally intentional on his part
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