Demonic Deity Picture

I have this class called IPC,(Ideas, Processing and Criticism) that we had to come up with a them in and I chose mythology, or frightening aspects of mythology. The idea has sorta been changing from that to different mythological creatures and enities being the same to things on always being as they seem, which all connect to each other in one way or another but right now I'm on the last one.
Over the past 3 to 4 years I've done quite a bit of research on religion, the occult, and specific entities, especially demons. I personally believe that demons are actually ancient gods that have been misunderstood and ridiculed because of newer religions, namely Christianity. Most people don't directly say it because they don't believe other religions, old ones specifically, to be real in the first place. If they do believe them, they are demons because of their, often times, frightening appearances. Egyptian, Sumerian, and certain Greek deities, Hindu and Shintoism. These are only a few of the cultures that specifically worship deities with these types of appearances. They can be ill-tempered deities at times, but really when is there a god or deity that ISN'T as some point and time.
Anyway, for the project we were supposed to make a plan and statement for what our project was about and then do that plan in class in one hour. I did a watercolor of a purple silhouette demon/deity with cloth like this and yellow light around it. It was very simplistic and I thought it was good, but everything has a meaning in the work so they didn't get why it was watercolor, why it was small/average sized paper and they didn't think it was demonic enough. The idea was supposed to be to show that not all demons are bad demons and I explained the Greek translation for demon, which is "spirit" or "divine" and that in writings of Greek times the word was actually associated with happiness and health. For some reason the idea wasn't coming through for the professor and so I decided to work on the idea. I don't know if I'll ever come back to it for this class specifically, but here it is just in case I do.
Ok, so reasoning behind why he looks this way. His appearance is frightening to push the "demonic" aspect, the cloth is to help him seem deity-like but also to give him a lighter, soft look which I think it does, the egg is supposed to represent that he's a creation deity of sorts. In many ancient creation stories, there is and agg involved. Specifically ones about serpents and the world egg. I made the majority of the thing sketchy because I like the hatching, but then I decided to make the paradise or whatever in the background solid to sort of make it a two focus thing. You see the demon because he's so large, but you also see the color too so you're going back and forth.
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