Modern Pillars of Hercules Picture

The Pillars of Hercules is the English translation of the Ancient Grecian term for the Straits of Gibraltar- where the Meditteranean Sea begins, and ends if you don't fancy touring to the Black Sea or going down the Suez Canal. Plato namechecked this place as the location for his sunken civilisation of Atlantis, though no remains of a civilisation can be found there. Usually you'll find English Gibraltans speedboating to Algeria and back if you go there today.

As for these pillars...well, you won't find the Enlightenment that Atlantis could provide, but you will find some budget hotel rooms on one side, and a casino, restaurant and cinema on the other. Also, while Atlantis was taken over and engulfed by water, in Las Vegas it is its lack of water that could cause its end.
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