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Another meme because its 2 am and I'm really, really bored!

So I've seen some on these floating around and I thought it best to make one of my own. Now, none of these are in particular order, except for Lee. My sweetcakes is always number one.
So here are my own rules: 1. Can't have more than one from the same series, otherwise there wouldn't be much variety. 2. I will put down why they are my favorite.
1. Rock Lee from Naruto. Why? Cause he's a adorable, and dorky hardworker. Seeing him go for the top with nothing but his will power and kickass moves gives me hope that I to can be great with just a little effort.
2. Link from The Legend of Zelda. Why? Well, who would I be if I didn't put Krystal's father? XD But, I really admire him, going in a kicking ass in each game. The Ocarina of Time is always my favorite one because it was the one I grew up with.
3. Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. Why? Aside from all his funny quotes and scaring the shit outta Calvin, I love his Philosophical views and being Calvin's voice of reason.
4. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. Why? Well, not only is he sexy as hell, but seeing him battle with real human problems helps me see myself.
5. Alfred F. Jones or America from Hetalia: Axis Powers. Why? Well not only does he shit patriotism but he's funny, loves to give England crap, and truly cares for his citizens. The government can learn a lot from him!
6. Ryoku Matoi from KilllaKill. Why? She's a badass! Never losing sight of her main goal, she goes head first into everything with only Senketsu and Mako to back her up. She never lets anything push her down without getting right back up again.
7. Book Harry Potter from Harry Potter. Why? As much as I love Daniel Radcliffe I feel that he only had a few moments where he really was like book Harry, he was never truly the sass master like Rowling depicted him to be.
8. Typholsion from Pokemon. Why? He has always been my favoirte pokemon. Whenever I pick up Soul Silver or my original Gold game I always pick him, even if its harder fro me in the long run. I'm looking at you Whitney, you and your damn Miltank.
9. Danny Fenton from Danny Phantom. Why? Cause he's sassy as hell.
10. Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. Why? Because as much as I love Finn and Marcy, Jake is just the winner. He gives great advice, looks out for his little brother, and is just the lazy, loveable person that well all can relate to.
11. Loki Laufeyson. Why? Villians rule, and Loki is no exception. Even in Norse Mythology this guy was a tempermental trickster that loved to lie just for the sake of lying. That and you gotta give respect to a dude that can mother a six legged horse, a giant wolf said to bring about world destruction, the world serpent, the Queen of Norse Hell, two ice giants, and a troll. In the movies, even when he lost, he had a back up plan to save his skin.
12. Marik Ishtar from Yugioh. Why? Because I love him, that's why. Always feeling the burn of vengance for the Pharaoh he never stopped trying to make Yugi's life a living hell and as much as Yugi holds a spcial place in my heart, Marik over takes him.
13. Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Why? While she is conceited, lazy, and a jackass sometimes. She is always loyal to her friends, and comes to the rescue when someone needs it. For me, loyalty is the best element.
14. Robin Hood from Men in Tights. Why? Well, hes a sarcastic, sassy, and funny hero. You rarely see a character that does heroic stuff strictly to troll someone who managed to piss them off.
15. Princess Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Why? I really don't know. I think its because she really didn't do anything and she's just the classic damsel in distress.
16. Zak from Ghost Adventures. Why? Because Zak, you're sexy, that's why. No, I respect him for what he does, I know I don't have the guts to do what he does and not shit myself.
17. Sophie Hatter from Howls Moving Castle. Why? I like the book version of her much more but Sophie is literally just a plain Jane that got mixed up with Howl, and managed to turn that heartless Wizard into a kind, and loving man.
18. Sherlock Holmes from BBC's Sherlock. Why? The man is a freaking genius, if I could do what he does I would be a freaking millionaire. But Sherlock doesn't do it for the money, he does it for the challenge.
19. Steve Rodgers/ Captain America from Captain America. Why? Pretty much that same reasonings as Alfred. Steve is just so funny and akward. Doing everything for America's future is something to admire.
20. Chip from the Kirby Series. Why? Cause he.s adorable, that's about it.
21. Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. Why? Cause I see myself in him a lot, he's lonely, afraid, and feels frustrated at not knowing his true purpose, but at the same time he's playful and loves seeing someone smile.
22. Little Foot from Land before Time. Why? He was the first damn cartoon character to touch my heart and make six year old me cry. That's why.
23. Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Why? Being the younger sibling, I've lived in my sisters shadow do, and so I feel a lot for him.
24. Ned Bigby from Ned's Declassifed School Survival Guide. Why? This dude helped me so much in Middle School, and in High School on certain things. That and he's hilarious.
25. Luna from Sailor Moon. Why? Not being much of a Sailor Moon fan I still loved Luna. Such a sassy cat.
26. Nega Timmy From F.O.P. Why? Though he only shows up once he still touched my heart on how freaking funny an evil little boy could be.
27. Roz from Monsters Inc. Why? Because freaking James and Ryan are asses. That's why.
28. Salem from Sabirna the Teenage Witch. Why? I see so much on myself in this cat its not even funny.
29. Dick Grayson/ Robin from Batman. Why? Because the original Robin will always be the best. Not only can he be kickass but he can also relate to Batman on a level that no one else can.
30. Rosie from Animal Crossing. Why? I dunno, she's just always been my favorite villager.
31. Zapp Branigann from Futurama. Why? Becuase this dude is so damn narcissistic and such an asshole. I freaking luv you man.
32. Otis from Back at the Barnyard. Why? Because not only is he also hilarious, he actually has a quick mind and good leadership skills.
33. Blair from Soul Eater. Why? Cause you gotta respect a cat that can learn magic and turn into a witch. That and she's the kick ass whore all girls dream to be. JK!
34. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Why? Again, its the younger sibling thing. I know the girls are triplets buts Bubbles is always mentioned last so I think shes the youngest of the girls. Being the sweet and sensitve one, she's pretty much outshined by her sisters and yet, she still manges to be tough and unique in her won way.
35. Count Spankulot from K.N.D. Why? I don't know honestly. Mostly because I have a spanking fetish and any show that features spanking on a semi-regualr basis is awesome moment for me.
36. Calwdeen from Monster High. Why? Becuase I love werewolves, the big sister attitude she has, and the genuine care for her friends.
37. Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Why? Becuase we all love Stewie.
38. Miku from Vocaloid. Why? Yeah, yeah, real orginal liking the main character but I dont care. I love you Miku, you high pitched, mechanical bitch.
39. Shinobu from Ninga Nonsense. Why? Has anyone other than me actually seen this show? If not, I don't blame you, it was short lived but funny. Shinobu was so carefree and didn't let her constant failures bring her down and she was awesome. I STILL think shes was lesbian for the other main character but it never got to far. Oh well.
40. Velma Dinkly from Scooby Doo. Why? Because, I don't care what Daphne looked like, Velma was the smart and sexy one. No, ifs, ands, or buts.
41. Maya from Borderlands 2. Why? While I never pesronally played the game, I still loved seeing her kick ass and take names. That and any girl that can rock both blue hair and blue lipstick is a winner in my book.
42. Sono Hanaski from Sensitive Pornography. Why? Cause hes so freaking uke it hurts. I love you so much Sono, if you weren't gay, I'd have your babies. And fro those that have no idea what I'm talking about, go watch more Hentai and then you'll know.
43. Elmo from Sesame Street. Why? Cause I grew up with this high pitched, annoying, yet oddly cute dork.
44. Zone-Tan from The Zone Archives. Why? This is the ultimate quick witted, sarcastic, and amazing cartoon you'll ever meet. If you don't know who Zone-Tan is, you still need to watch more Hentai. Remember, she's watching you fap.
45. Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes. Why? Bugs will always have a place in my heart. He is able to bring so many people together to talk about his beautiful trolling capabilities and his hilarity. Very few cartoons can say the same.
46. Bolin from The Legend of Korra. Why? Cause like Lee, he is amazing and hardworking. That and hes really cute and funny.
47. Grinch from Dr. Suess's books. Why? I know hes more of a holiday special guy but he was just as amazing in the books.
48. Kirara from Inuyasha Why? I never really watch Inuyasha, forgive me Lanisha. But I loved seeing this cutie in action.
49. Spongbob Squarepants from Spongbob Squarepants. Why? Because no matter how depressed I get, watching this dude will always cheer me up.
50. Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Why? Becasaus this sassy as was beautiful. I could watch this show all damn day long and never grow bored of it. While I was to young to relate to him when it was airing, seeing it now I just love it so much.

There we go! As you all can tell now, all it really takes to be on my favorite list for your you to be sassy and funny. (Lord this took to long)
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