"Wren" Picture

Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am Wren, of the forest realm of Athel Loren. Let me tell you about my home before you mistakenly venture into it.

Only the insanely brave, mad, or foolish dare to cross into Athel Loren, for the forest is a haunted place, filled with unquiet, malicious spirits of the forest, strange and magical creatures, and my kin, the mysterious and dangerous Wood Elves.

We have dwelt within Athel Loren for almost five thousand years. Over this time, we have become intrinsically linked with our forest home, and our nature has changed to reflect it. We have forsaken our ties to other Elven folk, and have become a deeply secretive and suspicious people who shun all outsiders. We are the guardians of the forest, and our fate is utterly entwined with that of Athel Loren – if the forest were to die, we would die with it.
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