Page 41 - This is How Friends Happen Picture

I colored this one digitally a while ago and totally hated the process... I need to do a lot more practice on standalone pieces before I'll go back to doing a whole page this way.

This page is a 100% accurate portrayal of the beginning of most friendships, probably. It's also a comparison between / symbolic representation of a naive, self-absorbed, but clever child interacting with a hostile, reactionary, but hungry world. Not knowing true consequences, the child can't really understand fear, especially when the chance for fun and excitement is on the horizon. The world is a cruel and selfish place, but is also starved for connection and desperate to feed it's craving for an end to mental and spiritual isolation. On its own terms, of course.

I like to come up with weird semi-anachronistic myths to help myself deal with my pessimism, I think.
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