Evie Smith: The Fall. Picture

Everything fell into place for this one like dominoes.

My life-partner had already given me the perfect pose and my business partner had already come up with a character model for Evie Smith.  I’ve also had an old image of the visual light spectrum lying around for ages, and it was visually and thematically perfect.  Evie’s blue eyes went in the blue bit, the green snake in the green bit, and she’s on the Mortals rugby team whose colours are yellow, orange and red.  If you’re interested (or even if you’re not), ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays would be above Evie’s head, while Nick Vicars and the radio spectrum would be beneath her.  The black bars are Fraunhofer lines - the dark points in the solar spectrum.  Evie is the character most associated with rainbow imagery in Round and Round, hence the background, and here her fingernails are coloured the same as the equivalent point in the spectrum behind her.  If this were an English creative response I’d say she was fading away in the middle because she loses sight of who she is at the equivalent point in the book.  I think it also gives her a bit of an ethereal-Bond-girl-during-the-opening-credits quality.  I also went for a high-intensity-Quentin-Blake colouring style.  Evie has a thing for Royal Gala apples, although at some point I must make her eat some Granny Smiths if I haven’t already.  She’s either offering the fruit from the tree of knowledge to Adam/Bastian or she’s about to eat it.  The serpent too seems to be eyeing off the apple.  The snake’s visual appearance is something of an anachronism - I suspect it should have legs or wings at this point since it’s shortly before the serpent was eternally cursed to crawl on its belly. Speaking of bellies, it’s symbolic that Evie has been drawn without an umbilicus.

Those are my thoughts - I’d love to hear yours.
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