Mother of the gods - Goddess Aditi Picture

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The Goddess Aditi is known as Devamata (Mother of the gods). It is said that she is the mother of Indra, Surya, Vayu and the other gods of the Vedic age. She was also the mother of all the heavenly bodies and was associated with space and speech (this may very well make her another prototype for Saraswati). Aditi was also seen as the female personification of Brahma, as she is considered the primordial substance from which all was born from. She is seen as the cosmic creatrix, representing creativity and birth.

Goddess Aditi was quite a special and challenging deity of her time, as she was both Sky and Earth god. During the earlier times, the Sky god was always the masculine with the Earth god was always feminine. This truly was the evidence of a matriarchal society. Her mount is a rooster and her main weapon is the trident.

She supports and gives life to all creatures, she is the maintainer of cosmic order. Goddess Aditi has full-freedom, power and independence, therefore she can also free worshipers from sin.


NERD OUT: Does Aditi have a link to Bahuchara, who also rides a rooster and carries a trishul? Perhaps after the Vedic period and the glory of Goddess Aditi decreased, her worship manifested through the new worship of Bahuchara Mataji?

1. Bahuchara Mataji is speculated to be part of the goddesses who reside and enclose the Shri Chakra Yantra. Maybe this is a manifestation of Goddess Aditi, who did not decrease in importance, but merely found a new place in the Hindu canon?

2. Is Aditi merely another shadow of Adi-Parashakti (?) based on her display and control over her own power, and how she is the source of all the other gods?
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