Airaline Picture

The youngest surviving member of the House El'deago, more is known of Airaline than the other daughter, for she had to stay in Culithorne. With her father bent on revenge, and gone off to war, and her older sister refusing to return to forestall. It had fallen on her young shoulders to see to the rebuilding and running of Forestall Keep. She was angry with her father for going off and leaving her with the duties of the Noble House, but she despised her sister, for wantonly rejecting her place as the Mistress of Forestall. She felt beset upon, and most of her youth was spent in Keeping the House El'deago out of debt, and out of other envious lords hands. With the death of the King in 1184, his daughter had become Queen, and Airaline, kept close to her second cousin, and her influence. For without the Queens protection Forestall would have fallen to any ambitious lord, in its masters absents.
Chronicles of the Fallen Knight
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