Temple of the Space Crab Picture

Now this is the beginning of the legend of the Time Wizard. A tale so old and holding a truth of which that is pretty much forgotton, even amongst the oldest races of the galaxy. You can hear many different diluted versions of this story, told in all manner of the darkest seediest space bars. Places where wanderers, travellers, traders and old space dogs alike gather together to compete in telling the strangest tales of the cosmos.

Although these stories varie in content, all have a common thread that tells of a lone spacefarer from the end of time who sought out a long lost world at the beginning of existence, and once there, uncovered the fossiled remains of a long dead colossus. To practice rituals and sing a "Song of Sorts", to eventually become of time and ultimately the Omniverse itself. It is perhaps one of the more stranger folk legends. But the fact that it is told by so many races on so many different worlds, that there just might be...... Some element of truth behind it all.........
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