Character sheet - Radodan Picture

I've based him on Kurent (a Slavic good-demon that scares the winter away with ringing of his cow bells), creating him as a sort of a »distant cousin«. Radovan is a Slavic name for men, but I’ve decided to reshape it into “Radodan”, which is also the name of this creature. It means “one that likes to be given”. He is one of the Owl’s (Sova’s) friends.

Here’s her character sheet: Character sheet - the Owl (Sova)

Here's the drawing I've made of Radodan: Let's Practice III - Radodan

Visually: In contrast to Kurent, “Radodan” is covered beside sheep fur with bird feathers and instead of antlers has tree branches growing out of his skull. His legs are shaped like animals, but he has human-like feet. Radodan likes to wear shoes even though he probably doesn’t need them - he just likes his feet warm and dry. The similarities between Radodan and Kurent are that their faces are made out of wood, tongues, have palms and wheat sticks out of their nose.

Concept: The idea is (in contrast’s of Kurent’s bells scaring off the winter and bringing spring) the older one of his species is, more feather he’ll grow – thus as they age they become lighter and body transforms for flight. As they’re about to die, the gush of wind takes them into the air – when they land, they fall apart as their bodies are too fragile to survive the impact. Before they pass, they tear off their branches and plant them – trees grow and their body rejoins with the flora. For Radodan’s people this is the holy truth – from which he desires to escape, so he walks with stones strapped around his waist. His fear is similar to human’s fear of death and dying, and inability to break from norms/expectations our parents/society places upon us – thus succumbing to the “fate” and accepting it.

That's what notes pretty much say beside the sketches.
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