Atalanta's Bane Picture

[Ack, ignore the slightly blurry picture, this only proves how much I can't keep my hands still]

Sooo this painting I did for a contest-sort thing, and it has to have a Classical theme. After some thought, I decided I would paint Aphrodite's apples, which feature in the Greek myth Atalanta and Hippomones:

Atalanta is promised by her father that she must marry any man who can outrun her in a footrace. Fortunately, she is very fast, so she stays single. A young suitor named Hippomones asks Aphrodite for help, and she gives him three golden apples. During his nad Atalanta's race, he tosses them to the side one at a time, and, overcome by curiosity, Atalanta stops to look pick them up. Hippomones ouruns her and wins his bride.

And that was your brief summary of the myth. This thing that it's for, called the Ontario Student Classics Conference is starting TOMORROW, so I had to finish this painting in the past few days, and finally got it done last night XDD I know! I'm such a terrible procrastinator.

But I actually like the way this picture turned out quite a bit. I'm not too sure why, but I just do
So yeah, this Conference thing is why I haven't been putting anything up recently or anything. I've just been insanely busy.

14" x 16" (I think) canvas
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