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Master Aegis Anvalesen
Age: 77
Race/Nationality: Dwarf, Ranell
Place of Origin: Golga, Ranell
Affiliations: Umbaren Empire, Umbaren Alchemic Department
Occupation: Scientific Advisor, Alchemic Craftsman
Abilities: Alchemic Knowledge, Mechanical Prowess
Known Spells:
Bio: Skilled Dwarven Alchemic Craftsman and Creator of the Titan Automaton Legion. In his younger days, Aegis was a skilled dwarven craftsman in the dwarven kingdom of Golga on the south-eastern edge of Ranell. He was a student under the great dwarven craftsmen but after repeating the same old practices of the elder. Aegis left the kingdom in search of new ideas. During his travels, he found himself in Otoko, a Xiangzhoian city which was home to alchemists skilled in machine-based alchemy. He began to learn from the master of these arts and through several years of study, he had numerous ideas and concepts melding dwarven craft with alchemic techniques and formulas. He returned to Golga and presented his concepts to Golga’s king, Marreck and offered to create advanced technology to his kingdom. However, Marreck was a close-minded traditionalist and against mixing dwarven traditions with techniques from the surface thus he rejected Aegis’s proposal. Later, King Glodrick conquered Golga and after the kingdom’s subjugation Aegis brought his proposal to Glodrick. While skeptical of Aegis’s claims and concepts, his tune changed when Aegis revealed a formula that enhanced the strength and durability of armor for Glodrick’s soldiers. After putting General Rozan in charge of Golga, Glodrick had Aegis return to with him to Umbaren, gave him a laboratory in the industrial district, and gave him free reign to continue his experiments as long as he made advanced weaponry for the Umbaren army. Aegis did so, creating new forms of armor, mechanized weaponry, but the most advanced weapon he has created is the Titan Automaton Legion, a group of mechanical soldiers he developed who would be unrelenting and loyal to their king.

Borion Galvinous
Age: 54
Race/Nationality: Dwarf, Ranell
Place of Origin: Umbaren, Ranell
Affiliations: Umbaren Empire, Umbaren Imperial Army
Occupation:Army General
Weapons/Items: Sword and Buckler Shield
Abilities:Leadership Skills, Tactical Knowledge, Military Experience, Close Combat, Weapons mastery
Known Spells: None
Bio: Borion is one of Glodrick’s most loyal generals and rival of Nalidir. Borion has been trained as a soldier by his father and has always proven his belief and loyalty to Umbaren especially to King Glodrick. He had risen through the ranks was proud to be a general at the King’s Side. However, he felt his position was threatened by the presence and recruitment of Nalidir into the Umbaren Army. How the king invited Nalidir in, made him a general, and gave him special missions from time to time did not sit well with Borion. Additionally, he feels Nalidir weak because of his home being so ‘easily’ destroyed by Ogres and the fact that Nalidir has the runic tattoos enhancing his strength. Though, he doesn’t make this known to King Glodrick, he has made it clear to Nalidir of his contempt for him and also spoken of this with Dvarin, another general who serves as one of Borion’s confidants. Despite this distaste for Nalidir, Borion stay true to his loyalties to the King and follow his orders to the letter. He is quite pleased when Nalidir betrays the king’s service, though he of course offers to kill Nalidir for the king but instead gladly takes the stewardship of Umbaren while King Glodrick begins questing for Cyril’s Party and the Dragon’s Blood Ruby.

Dvarin Vanard
Age: 56
Race/Nationality: Dwarf, Ranell
Place of Origin: Umbaren, Ranell
Affiliations:Umbaren Empire, Umbaren Imperial Army
Occupation: Army General
Weapons/Items: Hatchet and Shield
Abilities:Leadership Skills, Tactical Knowledge, Military Experience, Close Combat, Weapons mastery
Known Spells: None
Bio: A General of the Umbaren Imperial Army who is driven by his desire for glory. Dvarin was raised in a family with a long military history. He was raised on legends of dwarven mythological heroes or tales of his fore-bearers in great wars. He was trained by many of his family as a warrior and from the inspiration of the stories from his childhood, Dvarin strives to become a great warrior and general. However, his greatest desire is to become a warrior or hero of great glory and legend among his people. By the time he came into service as a soldier and general, it was a time of peace and Umbaren would not change until King Thruan perished and his son Glodrick came to the throne. He enjoys being in Glodrick’s service as he has no qualms with leading warriors to march on other dwarven kingdoms and he believes that under King Glodrick’s leadership, he find the glory that he seeks. When King Glodrick goes on his quest, Dvarin joins the king seeking to gain his glory along their travels.
Here's some of King Glodrick's servants and part of his villainous entourage. Each of these characters was interesting to draw since I wanted to give them each a look that reflected their personality. Master Ageis is prominently a scientist and engineer so I tried showing that by having him with a belt of tool, a spyglass sort of eye piece that could be used to put in finer details in his work and a leather apron, reflective of the original engineers, the blacksmiths. Borion is reflected as a loyal soldier and warrior by his standard General uniform with his armor and blue uniform underneath. With Dvarin, I went for a look that spoke of pride and stood out just a little so, I gave him a green uniform under his armor and a long beard which in the Something Wicked universe is a symbol pride among dwarves. Please Enjoy.

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