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"In DKMU mythology, the Doombringer is said to sit atop a black stone ziggurat in a deep and patient meditation. He is said to be alone and waiting, surrounded by jungle which dies and is reborn with each passing hour; time is not ordinary within his place. He is sometimes said to be surrounded by inebriating smoke and other incenses within the location of perpetual destruction & rebirth. He has classically represented the "shamanic death scenario", or vision quest of lore, whereby the initiate heads out into the world or wilderness on his own, searching for the answers which might guide and initiate him into greater understanding. During these travels, he dies (encounters a death or doom) and is reborn with the addition of an extra thing (such as a magic bone or stone, gem, placed within him). This same sort of process can be seen within the stories of Jesus, Mohammed and the Buddha, who were each said to have traveled out into the world for many years, in solitude, only to return with a profound sort of enlightenment or divine truth."
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