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story ( short form, because I'm not a good storyteller if I can't write it in my native language)

Melia was a princess which lived in the fairy kingdom Nashir. One day the king and the prince of Trisea, another fairy kingdom came to Nashir to have an audience with the king of Nashir to handle out a truce between the 2 kingdoms, which have been at war for over 700 years. When Milea entered the room to ask her father about something the prince of Trisea, Moltor, immediatly fell in love with her. Milea felt almost the same. Moltor was a handsome and good-looking man. While the kings were negotiating Moltor and Melia spend the day together and Melias feelings for Moltor grew with every second she spend with him. After Moltor and his father left, (the negotiations hadn't come to a pleasant result) Moltor talked to his father. "Father, the princess... I think I've fallen in love with her and I think she feels the same.... I would like to marry her. That would also establish peace between our kingdoms."

After more meetings between Moltor and Melia, Moltor asked her to marry him. She was so happy he finally asked her. They got married and Milea lived in the kingdom of Trisea from there on. Many years elapsed and the king of Trisea passed away. Moltor became the new king, because his mother died when she gave birth to him. After Moltor became king he started to act strange and aggressive and didn't care about Melia anymore. Melia started to observe Moltor whenever she could. One night she saw him sleeping with an other woman. Moltor noticed her and incarcerate her. She cried bitter tears the whole night long. She could'nt believe that her once beloved Moltor did this to her. The next day the door of the prison opened and Melia hoped that she could finally get out of this dark place but Moltor started to violate and raping her. From there on he came almost everyday to repeat his disguting act. During this time of pain and frustration she gave birth to a boy. She kept her son in a blanket and always hide him in the darkest corner of the prison whenever Moltor came in. One day, Moltor noticed the baby because it was crying. Melia begged him not to hurt it and that she would do anything if he would take care of it. Moltor went to the door and said with an evil grin on his face :" I can already do anything I want with you. What could you possibly do?...But as you wish, I will take good care of you're beloved child" Melia started to cry:" Thank you, thank you so much."

Later that night Moltor came back and threw a basket into the prison. "Here, I've got something to eat for you." Melia vomited as she saw what was in the basket. Her little baby was in the basket served on silver plates just like some pig.
"YOU SICK MONSTER!" she screamed and tried to attack Moltor but the fetters held her back. Moltor answered with a tender but yet sinister voice :" Yes, you're right. I am a Monster..... AND I'M NOT LETTING SOME LITTLE BRAT RUIN EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON!" His voice formed into a quake of wrath when he said that. "Why....just why are you doing this to me....why don't you love me anymore...what did I ever do to you?"
"Loving you?! Pah. Don't make me laugh. I only pretended to love you. Even my father felt for it.....He didn't die because he was old.... I poisened him. Stupid old man."
"So you lied to me back then when you said I was the most beautiful being you've ever seen and you couldn't live without me?!". "That's not true. I still love you.... at least your body." "YOU'RE DISGUSTING!" Maltor grined :" If it wasn't for your beautiful body I would never have come up with the idea of marrying you to keep the people of Nashir believing, the war was finally over.... you must know during the time of our marriage I build up an enormous army and tonight... tonight we'll attack Nashir and there is nothing you can do about it!" Moltor laughed right in Melias face. She was filled with so much anger and misery and carved a deep wound into the face of Moltor with her fingernails as she slapped him. Moltor got really angry and slapped Melia so hard so she fell to the ground. She was quiet so she wouldn't show any sign of weakness to Moltor but after Moltor left the prison she started to weep like she never wept before. Holding the basket with the dead child, she started to curse herself and her body. Like Moltor said, if it wasn't for her body he never had the idea of betraying the people of Nashir. Melia crouched down and fell asleep

In the middle of the night Melia woke up because she hear a strange noise. She looked everywhere but she couldn't see anyone. "Who....who is there?" she asked with an anxious voice. No answer. " He-he-hello?"
All of the sudden a big red pulsating light appeared right in front of her. She jumped back and pressed herself to the wall behind her. The light came closer to her and it seemed like it was pulsating in the rythm of the breathing Melia could clearly hear by then. "LET ME ALONE!!!! GO AWAY!!!!"
Melia screamed.
"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Hihihi" the voice Melia heared sounded deep and dull, yet friendly and childish.
" Wh-what do you want from me?"
" I want to help you"
" Help me? Why?"
" I have been watching you for a long time now. "

to be continued

sorry for ending right here but this is taking me very long. 2 1/2 hours..... so If you liked the story this far, please, PLEASE let me know. I'm also sorry for the grammar mistakes......I always forget the rules of the time-phrases. If I wouldn't , this would be a lot easier.
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