Ymir Picture

Another drawing from my latest sketchbook, concerning a major character from the CUETZPALIN Mythos. This is Ymir, the "Macabraic" Spirit of Cold, frost, ice, that can manifest and control cold weather on its many forms, through many means (either the wind or water). The "Macabraic" Spirits are nine elemental beings who, like gods, have settled the pathway of life's evolution for aeons, and each of them has left its own paradigm, characteristic or algorithms on the environments of several planets. While some of them would argue they're creator gods, others that they're oldest than others, some remember they have been less than nine (suggesting the younger ones have been born through the division of an elder, now gone, individual consciousness which split into more), but their true origins are clouded, and they're both creators (because they indeed have defined some rules of physics, like gravity, and have molded the atmosphere of several planets and environments) and usurpers (because there existed life before them, and an older generation of immortal beings, the beast-like Huehueyolcatl. The lifeforms related to the Huehueyolcatl, however, were self-sufficient, as they were photosynthetical or chemiosynthetical, needed just some substances or sunlight, unlike the predators created by the Macabraics). The first time these nine gods have joined has been to capture and destroy the six Huehueyolcatl, sabotage their self-sufficient environments and then install over the next generation of living creatures a programmed obsolescence, to instigate a systematic violence and oppression. The growth of predators and the impoverishment of whatever environment over the formerly self-sufficient ones has marked the transition from an aeon known as Alchera ("The Dreaming"), predominated by the Huehueyolcatl, into the Jaktens Tid ("Age of the Hunt"), predominated by the Macabraics (some Macabraics like Ohrmuz would later defend there's even another era later than that, the Kali Yuga - "Iron Age", determined by sedentary civilization. Ymir however disregards this later era, as for him it's just a natural continuation of the age of the hunt) It was during this time, millions of years ago, that Macabraics like Ymir himself have begun to "research" on what they called "The Great Experiment", which consisted in compete with their "brothers" (it's not like the Macabraics share a common origin, neither that they're allies, in most cases are even rivals, but they do gather some times to discuss the path which their creations and researches are taking, of course not revealling all their plans for the future, which often contains plots against their own 'brothers') not through direct contact, but through the use of "Champions", beasts that have faced and survived the most dangerous challenges and duels. The very empoverishment of life, as well the resulting need to consume other beings to survive (which has, either way, been challenged by some upright individuals) has been a task which they placed upon all creatures, in order to differ all the sentient beings into just two groups: the Gods and those who have to work in order to survive.

Ymir's main characteristic is his scientifical, eugenic and speciesist approach to life. After aeons using the bodies of bulking and enduring champion beasts as his own body, he has been one of the Macabraics who mostly followed the predatorial schemes afterwards, even in eras when brothers like Lapolakh have begun researching other relations like the swarming societies, and others like Moloch have witnessed the birth of civilization and sedentarism, rather than nomadism. Ymir has been responsible for the induction of Glacial Periods over several planets, including a series of eight consecutive glacial ages in Tredius, which have only been prevented by a direct conflict with Hydros. To Ymir, tests of endurance are what determine what beings are more suited to keep living (he sadistically defends that in order to live, beings need in a way to give satisfaction to him, for bringing them to life, while he actually creates them with certain limits so they can't take his position), and that is why he is sort of hell bent in transforming full-of-life planets into giant snowballs, contrary to Huitzopoca, the Macabraic of wind, who has showed all others that what matters for the relation of predator and prey, for the systematic violence, isn't if there is or there isn't abundance of food, but the limitations which the mind impose over the body of the creatures (it's credited to Huitzopoca the existence of predators, with their huge amounts of limitations, in abundant territories where their presence would be logically unnatural). Ymir also acknowledges that the Macabraics, as usurpers, have become nature itself, and that the concept of natural selection is just false if the Macabraics are regarded as something other than nature itself. He often says "Nature is whatever I like it to be".

Another main characteristic to him is being reputedly a predecessor of the overvaluation of reason (in a manner similar to Huo, the Macabraic of Earth, though he cherishes more for certain genetic elements rather than Huo's gold, rocks and precious metals) and the classifications which, as empirical as they are, he defends through "research methods". Having founded the Jötunn Scientific Organization based in the planet of Jötunheimr by the 14th Century before the birth of the Centzonmimixcoa (therefore 43 Centuries before Iesu), Ymir has turned the Jötunn species mostly into geneticists who are like apprentices to him, in a way that the entire species became a sort of an inter-galactic organization specialized in the development of select species or even individuals to those who pay them. Careless towards other species which differ from his plans (Ymir seeks to develop, through the Jötunn, the toughest species of creatures, but still confining them to limitations like the need of killing for survival. Such an example is the cursed individual known as Erysichthon), he has openly opposed and assaulted, as well as sabotaged plans from fellow Macabraics after the Scientific Organization has been somewhat abandoned by the Frashokeretian Alliance during the "Topakhon Wars" (an inter-galactic major event, a century-lasting war which happened between the Frashokeretian Alliance Nations and the Ors Ohorela in the 1st to 12th Centuries a.X - 29th to 17th Centuries b.I). From that point, for example, he has yet caused much damage in the plan of Aztlán and in turn over the Cuetzpalin species during his occupation of the plan (between the 15th to 19th Centuries a.X - 15th to 11th Centuries b.I), what caused Aztlán's only Ice Age, and as well has robbed Ohrmuz's hammers, the Mjölnir and the Ukonvasara, which he uses since the assault both as a mean to channel his power and as poles of his own consciousness. In another occasion, Ymir has forcefully taken the mandragora from Huehueyolcatl Audumla, thus becoming a mandragoreus himself, in a way that the very presence of his mandragorean body (that of a Jötunn) wakes the local Huaca (also called as Leshy, Lesovikk, Treant, Jentilak, Pururauca, Quinametzin), who are fatal enemies of the Macabraic supremacy. What could be a curse, however, has been intelligently used by him in his favor, as he wakes every fallen Huaca he finds to fight his Jötunn, always keeping the conditions predetermined to make sure that if the Jötunn will fail then at least the Huaca won't escape their small space. His mandragora, by the way, is concealed by his armor, as well by the tubes on his back, and he uses his cold to prevent it from turning his body into a vegetable, treant-like one. Ymir is like the scientist who watches his prisoners and show no empathy. He's also been one of the heads of Hel, a hellish circle run by the Jötunn, and part of a bigger network of inter-galactic slave-trading related to demons.

In the Cuetzpalin series' normal run, Ymir will be a major antagonist to Fafnir Hreidmarson, a human-turned-Vovin, and also William Mattoni, the series' protagonist, who, determined to liberate all animals, will find in him a major enemy, and won't rest until Ymir tastes himself the servile state he's implied over all other beings, dethroning the god-like-feeling-scientist so that those used as his labrats for so long finally take revenge on him.
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