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You may have seen my favorite disney movies as well as the worst sequels they've made. But this one is going to be different. This will be my guilty pleasure Disney movies. I know there are some Disney movies out there that I am mixed on and I like them but I kinda hate it. You may disagree with me but like I said before everyone is entitled to their opinions. So I'm going to give my top 10 Guilty pleasure disney movies and I may mention sequels.

10. Cars: This is an okay Disney film to me, but its very slow paced. Although some of it was good, some was not. The part where Lightning McQueen visited the city of Radiator Springs was good. Seeing a little town full of talking cars was fun. The movie was sort of interesting and was sort of boring. The boring part of the movie was in the beginning when Lightning McQueen was in the race and talking to the other race cars and when he got lost on the way to the final race. But I think all sorts of children will like it. However I do think this because as I was in the movie theater,in my seat the movie was starting and heard a few little kids yelling out saying:awesome or cool or just plain yelling. The movie was A-OK! And I would recommend the movie for youngsters and everyone over five years of age. So this movie was made for kids but for any hardcore Disney fan this one may disappoint you.

9. The Lion King 1½: Now I really love the first Loin King movie. I saw the second one it was pretty good, but this one.....a little bit. It's more of the first one, just Timon and Pumba's point of view. In this story, Timon and Pumba were both expelled from their kind. (Just like they said in the song "Hakuna Matata" in the first one.) So, they go off, trying to find a new home to live in; somewhere where they can live up to the phrase "Hakuna Mattata." Along the way, various stuff happens- stuff that I either forgot, or stuff that I'm too lazy to write about. Anyways, they meet Simba, and the audience is given a chance to watch what we didn't see in the first one. Of course, the first wasn't incomplete or anything; this one just added extra stuff. However, there are big differences between this and the original. First of all, the story seems simpler. It's more interesting, but it seems to closely resemble a simple adventure film. Second of all, The Lion King 1 ½ tries to be more of a comedy than the surprisingly moving drama the first one was. Third of all, it just seems too cheesy! Farting jokes make up most of the premise. The last song in the film just adds to it. The Lion King 1 ½ is good for the kids, but miles away from the original. It makes the sequel look more better. So its not a bad film but I kinda liked it.

8. The AristoCats: This film is good, but it is not as good as a lot of the other Disney classics... but it is also not the worst. The movie is about a wealthy lady who loves her cat and her 3 kittens so much that she writes her will out to the cats. When the butler hears this, he decides that the cats have to go. Once the cats have been dumped. They have to find their way back home to Paris with the help of an alley cat named O'Malley. At the beginning of the movie, I was thinking that the animation was not as good in this one compared to some of the earlier ones. There were some great characters and some really funny moments. My favourite characters were Napoleon & Lafayette. They were funny.Some of the voice talents were recognisable instantly. Phil Harris & Sterling Holloway were the main 2 that I recognised straight away. Phil has done a lot of Disney voices... but i think his most famous was Baloo the Bear in the Jungle Book. Sterling has also done a lot of voices, but I think his most famous is Winnie the Pooh. I also really like Pat Buttram's voice... he has done a few voices and every time I recognise his voice and it makes me laugh. The songs in this film are OK... they are not really as catchy as some of the other classic songs. But they got my feet tapping.

7. Pocahontas: I have a lot to say about this one. It has a few things going for it. Honestly, it's one of Disney's best looking films. The colors in particular are gorgeous. And the music is good well sort of. The music of Pocahontas did, in fact, win two Oscars, for both score and Best Song ("The Colors of the Wind"). While I can sit through a film with such merits, the bad stuff really weighs it down. Disney really shouldn't have tackled a historical story, no matter how mythologized. And they REALLY shouldn't have added cutesy animal sidekicks. That's the biggest crime of the film by far, the raccoon and hummingbird that follow Pocahontas around, getting into trouble, and the bad guy's pug. If Disney had attempted to make a more mature movie, it might have worked, but then maybe they couldn't have padded out the run time with the animal antics. The film also suffers from a good amount of mid-90s political correctness though. So its not really a bad disney movie like most people I say I find it good but at the same time pretty weak.

6. The Rescuers: I remember seeing this film's 1990 sequel, "The Rescuers Down Under" (or at least some of it), as a kid, but do not recall ever seeing any of this original 1977 Disney animated flick during my childhood. I don't think I even knew the title of the sequel until about six years ago. For a while now, I've known that "The Rescuers" is the first of the two, and I finally rented it just last week. It's not among the most popular Disney animations, so I wasn't expecting an excellent family film, but knowing that it did have appeal, I was expecting it to be good. I have now seen it twice, and the first time I watched it, I thought it was definitely no more than average. I gave it another try about 24 hours later, and thought it was a bit better this time, but still not that good. A bottle containing a plea for help is sent from a boat in a bayou by a little girl and ends up in New York, where it is found by mice, so a Rescue Aid Society meeting is called to order in the city. At this meeting of mice from around the world, Miss Bianca volunteers to go and rescue Penny, the orphaned girl who sent the message. She chooses Bernard, a janitor, as her partner on the mission. Together, they go to the orphanage where Penny lived before disappearing, and meet an aging cat named Rufus, who tells them about the missing girl, and from what they learn, it sounds like she has been kidnapped by an evil pawn shop owner named Madame Medusa! So, Miss Bianca and Bernard go out and find Medusa, but fail to keep up with her, so the two mice take an albatross flight to Devil's Bayou, where Penny has been taken, and learn that here, the girl is being forced by Medusa and the evil woman's assistant, Mr. Snoops, to search for a large diamond in an underground cave, which Medusa longs to get her hands on! I know many people like this film, including adults, so I won't say it's strictly for kids, but it didn't reach my expectations. If you're fan of Disney animation, this particular film could be worth checking out. You certainly could like it better than I did, but I wouldn't expect it to be one of the greatest pieces of Disney animation ever made.

5. Return to Oz:
My family loved the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz and we didn't know about this later one until as a kid I found a book in the local library based on it, with pictures from the movie. The book itself scared me, I definitely found it darker than the Oz I knew. This movie might have scared me more had I seen it then. I finally saw it on the Internet just now, and found it underwhelming. This can serve as a sequel to the 1939 film but it's really a separate adaptation of a public domain story. The story gets darker starting with the opening in Kansas, where we have scary science and Dorothy needing to break free. When she gets to Oz (how, I'm not sure) she finds the place in ruins, which may not be pleasant to those who remember the pretty place we saw in the 1939 classic, but it is interesting. The creepiest part may be a woman who keeps many heads, and threatens to take Dorothy's head. Still, any gripping atmosphere this movie could have had is sunk by poor special effects. This may be surprising since it came 45 years after Judy Garland's movie and the Great Depression was long gone this time, but the older movie looks better than this one. The most obvious comparison would be the Scarecrow, who looks terribly cheap here. It goes deeper than that, however. The talking rocks and "Wheelers" are poor effects as well. For this reason, Return to Oz won't draw you into Oz in the same way The Wizard of Oz does.

4. The Black Cauldron:
I'm not a big fan of this movie but when I saw it, I didn't think it was too bad. It's definitely not a kid friendly movie, so it's not one. But for what it is, it's passable. There have been far worse Disney films. But there have definitely been better ones. The main problem with the movie is that it's forgettable. I don't remember much about it at all. I can say that the villain is great!! He's actually very creepy. So if you love Disney villains, this movie's for you! Unfortunately, the characters, with the exception of Gurgi, who I actually thought was pretty cute and looked like a relative of Stitch's, are also quite forgettable. As a whole, I'd suggest watching it if you're a big Disney fan but don't expect it to blow you away.

3. Oliver and Company: This one isn't a great Disney movie, but if you ask me, it isn't that bad of a movie either. The animation is really good, the colors are bright and cheerful, the atmosphere is upbeat, and there are many cute and pleasant moments scattered throughout the film. What knocks the movie down from being a spot-on hit is that the story is a little uneven and doesn't go into as much detail as it could've gone into; that, and a lot of the characters on the side are just sort of there. But Oliver the kitten is cute and endearing enough, Billy Joel is pretty enjoyable as Dodger, Jenny is a cute little girl, and the characters voiced by Dom DeLuise (Fagin), Cheech Marin (Tito the chihuahua), and Bette Midler (Georgette the poodle) have some funny lines here and there. The songs are also pretty good, with "Why Should I Worry?" by Billy Joel and "Once Upon a Time in New York City" by Huey Lewis being the best. Overall, Oliver & Company isn't an astounding, remarkable Disney masterpiece that will cater to every audience, but it's fine for children. If you're older, you might like the movie if you typically enjoy any Disney animation as long as it has some fun and charm to it, but if you're a little more discerning/don't have much of a stomach for cuteness, it probably wouldn't be your kind of movie.

2. Honey I Blew Up the Kid: Now I've seen Honey I Shrunk the Kids and I thought it was a pretty good Disney Film when I saw the sequel.....I was not too impressed.
Honey I Blew Up The Kid is a decent family movie with an average story line.The movie will definitely entertain a younger audience,but adults watching this movie with their kids will probably be bored,although I will say it isn't a horrible family film,its not the best,but its not the worst.The original,Honey I Shrunk The Kids,is definitely a much better movie for the whole family to watch.Honey I Blew Up The Kid will appeal to very young children,but the older audience will be bored,and fans of Honey I Shrunk The Kids will be disappointed by this sequel.

1. Frozen: I know I may get a lot of hate for this but hear me out and I'll explain.
I did enjoy the movie and BUT still, there are a couple of things that bothered me while watching. I think the visuals are really stunning. It feels like they put a lot of effort, time and even magic into the graphic designs of this movie. Kristen Bell is awesome as Anna and has a wonderful singing voice. I think the problem I have with this movie is on the story level.
It feels like the writers didn't quite know where to go with this movie. It has no clear direction and purpose from the start. Of course, it is difficult to have a story with two main characters so it does not really 'work' that way. Although I really LOVE Anna as a character, maybe focusing on Elsa controlling her powers would have been better. Most of the characters are well done but it takes more than good characters to make a good story and I thought this animation was an example of that.

I'm somewhat disappointed in the way they handle (or don't handle) pay-offs in this movie. Like Kristoff's obsession with ice should wind him up with Elsa, you would think... And there's the cool love song between Anna and Hans before... all of a sudden he turns out to be evil. I love a good twist in a movie but a twist should be traceable if you watch the movie again. There's absolutely no reason why Hans should have been a bad guy since Anna met him completely by accident. And she's not even the crown princess. So how do you motivate it to be premeditated foul play then? This felt a bit like lazy writing to me. "Let's make him evil all of a sudden so she can date the other guy without remorse." And why would Hans lock Elsa up if he could have killed her. He must have been planning to anyway as he always intended to become king and had no knowledge of Elsa's powers or what would happen. Why lock her up and let her escape? Why lock Anna up and tell everyone she's dead too soon. Everybody knows that's bound to lead to troubles. If one of the themes of the movie is True Love, then true love should be celebrated by cool songs, not false love. Also, there is little romantic tension between Anna and Kristoff, other than her rational consideration that he might love her because the frozen puppet tells her so (based on what actually? And what's the function of the puppet other than obvious 'comic' relief and potential for expensive children's toys?).

They want to put so many perspectives in this movie, so many stories, that they lose track of the main story. And what is the main story anyway? Is it a classic love story? Is it the story of two sisters who care about each other? Or is it about Elsa trying to manage her powers and a kingdom? I would say it's mainly about those last two and in that case, focusing on Elsa would probably have made more sense. What if she had run away and had ended up traveling with Kristoff? What if in the meanwhile, Anna, who was never meant to become queen was having trouble handling an entire kingdom with the product of a day-long relationship? That would have made an interesting story. Having some match-making trolls sing a forced relationship into being doesn't quite do the trick for me.

But hey, maybe I'm too critical. I notice a lot of people simply loved this story and that's a good thing! For me, though, there were a lot of loose ends in this story that made it difficult to really feel for the characters. If I compare this movie to Tangled, I think it doesn't match that level of storytelling by far. The story of Rapunzel was strikingly better written (even improved the original a lot), the lyrics were awesome while the songs in Frozen were rather forgettable. I noticed Alan Menken did not compose the music for Frozen only after I watched it and I thought: "Yeah, that makes sense". You have this fairy tale frozen wasteland that could have had a soundtrack like Edward Scissorhands or Narnia and yet you don't quite feel the magic. I watched Enchanted the day before, another one that remains great after many times. The music of Enchanted is witty and wonderful and the story is full of great humor and has a perfect pacing and structure. Frozen made me discover once again that great narrative build-up and Alan Menken make an unforgettable Disney movie. Without those ingredients, you get a fun Disney movie that does not even closely compare to the others when it comes to emotional impact and music. Also, I think the message this movie sends (if that is important at all) is a rather cynical one. Sure, it's great that true love is that between sisters for once (no big original surprise for me while watching). But basically it votes for love forced by shared experience and silly troll songs and states that love on first sight doesn't exist.

Still, Frozen is definitely a 'to watch' because it looks gorgeous! Although I wonder if the makers used subliminal messages or hypnosis to cause this fan hysteria. Best Disney ever? Definitely NOT for me.

So Thats it for my Guitly Pleasure Disney Movies. This wasn't easy to do but I had to be very honest.

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