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⇝Squad name: [none yet]

⇝Name: Klaudia Nowak
⇝Class: Excalibur
⇝Age: 24 // bday: August 26th
⇝Height: 160cm // 5'3"
⇝Weight: 53kg // 117lbs
⇝Nationality: German
⇝Residency: Belschit

⇝God Arc:

- Name: Skidbladnir
-> Named after a ship of the Norse mythology that was big enough to carry all gods from asgard. It could shapeshift and always had good wind to go wherever it was needed.
- Type: Short Blade


[ strong willed - loyal - obedient - observant - selfless - yet fiery and competitive - and hell, she likes to bet! ]

Klaudia is quite observant, maybe on a level you might consider creepy. She spots weird or important details quickly, but has a harder time seeing the big picture of a situation. One might have difficulties estimating, if she likes social situations or simply considers them necessary for the collective goal. The truth lies somewhere in between, as she's a cautious girl, preferring to watch from a distance before approaching for a conversation or simply sitting at your dining table.
On the battlefield she's nimble and swift, using mostly quick reflexes to take a lot out of the Aragami. Even though she considers herself a fighter, her forte is reacting quickly - yet nothing you should expect in casual situations.


She grew up in a rather wealthy family with her two older brothers Sevin and Jens and one older sister named Katja in Belschit, where she spent most of her childhood. Her parents made sure, that their children were brought up under their strict rule, which especially Klaudia's older sibling managed to break out every now and then. She learned to respect her elders, to study hard and to be a proud individual. Her mother, a lawyer for military affairs, spends most time of the usual day in her office in Aldholdt, her father holds the rank of a Major in the military and thus spends time hardly at home, as well. Klaudia and her siblings studied hard for the best grades in school, she started getting karate lessons with 5, before she even went to elementary school as she was completely hopeless on a music instrument unlike her siblings. The rest of her childhood she spent in private schools, always being the one that caused trouble or being bullied for her looks, red hair, weird personality and whatever reason might came up. Klaudia was a proud little girl and always fought back, taking any attack towards her or her family as a grave insult, that she never left unpunished. (And that her parents weren't leaving unpunished, too.) She was one of those children, that acted first, then think - yet later on she worked hard on filling that "room for improvement". And even though she appeared like the rough kid among her class mates, she had big respect for her teachers and of course her parents.

Over the years, her strength grew - thanks to her training - though her three older siblings ended up having to tame the wild child with stern but responsible treatment, while their father was away on week-long trips and their mother had a busy working schedule. Being a child, Klaudia never held a grudge against her parents at that time as everything that happened still seemed to make sense to her, seeing that she had no real comparison. She still highly respected everyone in her family and valued them above all else. All her siblings started looking for a carreer in any military facility, while she was still in her last years of school.

It was just a few days after her 14th birthday, that she got news of her both brothers being in hospital after a bike accident that apparently happened in Maguillage during the day. Both her brothers remained in comatose state, yet investigations about what happened were going on. Three days later her oldest brother Sevin died, Jens though only woke up one month later, unable to walk and having lost some memory.
It took a lot of time for Klaudia to mentally recover from the shock after the loss of her brother. She watched her brother Jens recover as his body healed slowly and him gaining his memories back. However, having lost his ability to walk, made him grow lethargic, after he was in the middle of his military career. While this should have discouraged Klaudia even more, it made her go back to her former self one by one. Her naturally wild side that had been missing in the past few weeks returned and she tried cheering up her brother with little acts of affection and keeping him occupied throughout the day. At first, she did not talk about the military at all and his parents, as well, left him be about it. After a while though, Klaudia started asking him about his work that he had not planned to return to. She would ask how one’s everyday life looked like at a military base and other questions regarding that. Jens did not respond too much at first but after a while, he remembered why he had joined the military and admired its lifestyle. It had not only been because of his family’s history but it was the discipline, comeradeship and thoroughness that had intrigued him in the first place. In turn, Klaudia too became intrigued with her brother’s newly awakened admiration. Most importantly, her own wish to follow a career at the military only grew stronger. Not only because she wanted to keep her family safe but as many people as possible. They talked about alternatives for him, methods of complete recovery and during all that medical talk she barely understood, they scratched the topic of oracle cells and thus the existence of Aragami - a topic that didn't let go of her for quite a while.

She enrolled at the next best military base as soon as she left school, in attempt to follow the foot steps of her siblings and thus started the basic training. And it was there where she actually grew aware of what was crawling around on the earth.
For most of her life the demise of humanity seemed way too far away, irrelevant and the more graspable problems below the surface kept her distracted from this. Especially because of her brother, she couldn't stop thinking about the danger that already wiped out most of humanty. This was not only about protecting but about getting rid of something entirely that didn't wish to share the top of the food chain with another species. It was safe to assume she wouldn't achieve anything close within her lifespan, but she wouldn't mind die trying if it would help humanity even in the slightest. It was decided, she wanted to be a God Eater, it didn't matter if death happens through a bike accident or the aragami - both were avoidable deaths - if she had the will and power to prevent the death of plenty, she wouldn't want to waste her talents somewhere else.

⊕ assertive
⊕ swift and fast
⊕ carries out tasks without messing around
⊕ good observation skills
⊕ good at cooking
⊕ loyal to the bone
⊕ compassionate, empathetic

⊖ can be hot tempered
⊖ afraid of narrow spaces and the dark
⊖ doesn't possess anything close to creativity (except in cooking)
⊖ no sense of sarcasm
⊖ pretty naive at times
⊖ allergic to all kinds of meat (she eats fish, though if available... )
o huge pride
o very curious
o has a hard time to understand sometimes (social situations)
o then again shows great perception and quick-wittedness (practical situations)

⊕ Coffee in all variations
⊕ Working out to stay fit, especially parkour
⊕ Cooking
⊕ History and fairy tales alike

⊖ unfairness and arbitrary
⊖ failing/ failure
⊖ heat
⊖ most people taller than her (unless they're more respectable)
⊖ usually physical contact when it's not sport or otherwise necessary

⇝Relationships / Squad Members:

o tba


o is lefthanded
o she prefers using the blade in battle, as she dislikes the use of the gun (she has a rather terrible aim, too)
o even though she had military training, she only fights when absolutely necessary
o is also into Kendo, yet not as good as karate
o she actually has tattoos, some of them she got in Velmist
o [speaks German (native) and Russian fluently - in case languages are still somewhat relevant there // I'll remove it, if that is an issue]
o prefers 'doing her job' instead of interacting too much in casual situations, as first thing is much easier for her

⇝Preferred methods of RPing:

Google doc or chat. I'm not consistent with anything else.

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