And It All Fades to Ashes Picture

Dah dah dah! Part 1 of my entry in the MYO Zhanshi contest. I do plan to buy the rights to use the species/character if I dont happen to win the contest. Im in love. But until then. I'll simply work on contructing her character further ;w;

Meet Xiu in her mid form! I had planned to finish her Beast form first, but I was just too thrilled with this that I couldn't resist. 

Social Rank: Silver Bell
Rare: 8 horns
Uncommon: Heterochromia eyes and smooth teeth (true form)
Age sense the birth: 1282. 
Element: Fire
Personality: She enjoys banter and horse play, and usually comes off and particularly smug and arrogant. She's dedicated in attempting to control her anger; however she can beset off by nearly anything, for any reason, at any given moment. Always has the desire to be physically active. 

Xiu first came to life when her temple was destroyed in a raging fire. There was only one small portion of the temple that survived the flames. I lone statue of a Buddha. With this as the last remaining portion of her temple, Xiu diligently guarded it for over 1000 years; ultimately earning her the title of centurion. Fending off those who wished to take it from it's rightful resting place. Another fire threatened the already weakened statue, and Xiu took it upon herself to drag the Buddha from the flames, saving it. Once the fire had subsided, Xiu returned the statue to the very same place it had always meant to be. The statue was whisked away by a rock slide, from which she had attempted to save by shielding the statue with her own body. The two had been swept down hillside, tumbling down a cliff and into the river below. This, saving Xiu, also separated the guardian from her statue. Once she had awoken by sheer miracle that she hadn't drowned, she followed the river downstream so that she could retrieve the statue and bring it back to the remains of it's temple once more. However, when she found it, the Buddha had been smashed into pieces while tumbling through the river. Xiu now travels the world in search of another item, or person, that she may choose to protect. In her years, she has adapted to human life, adapting with more modern style fashion trends in todays society. She has even taken on a number of different occupations to help pass the time during her search, including iron work (welding, cutting, framing, ect.), auto mechanics, engineering, and glass blowing.

You can find more information on this species here!
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