Sketch book Cover page Picture

ok so the big gal there is Heav and the cover is currently missing two more of my gals because I haven't gotten one's design fully fi ished and the other still needs a proper colour pallet.
Also Heather's been re-booted since then (shorter hair, Dyed a sunset-y colour across her front sweep there.)
Also, every one has a summer vs. win ter look except the angel guys since they're kind of in a different universe.
so from top to bottom on who's falling
-Heather (goes by HEav): woop, my persona, basically me.
-Carnage (formerly Samael): An Angel of death who went insane and ripped out his wings after the event in Egypt, his location is unknown, however it is said he roams purgatory eating the souls of the dead who lost their way.
-Azriel: An angel in charge of the births of humans, he has extremely small wings, also known as 'baby wings' which normally molt and grow into larger wings after a century in which then then gain their role in heaven and leave to find their own flock, however that never happend to him and he is therefore a joke among his flock.
-Azazel (I call him Azzy.): A fallen angel turned demonic demon dealer, after lucifer fall he joined and now works for hell. Making deals with the humans above in exchange for their souls. Also a big flirt, his favourite victim is Azriel.
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