Liberator Battlecruiser Picture

The Liberator class represents the latest in Varolian starship technology and tactics. It is a Battlecruiser which is based on hit-and-run tactics against Norcronian vessels. The Liberator sacrifices some shielding and hull armour for devastatingly powerful forward assault firepower.

The liberator is armed to the teeth with 4 Infinity Energy Accelerated Contained Pulsar Cannons (IEACPC) These weapons literally form a mini-pulsar and fire them using a highly advanced and powerful infinity accelerator firing mechanism. This mechanism allows infinity energy from the weapons inbuilt Infinity Engine (a mini infinity reactor core) to be fired at the pulsar the force of the infinity stream on the pulsar allows it to leave the weapon at varying speeds depending on what firing mode is currently set. The extreme gravitational force of the Mini-pulsar can tear and rip at the hulls and shields at any ship unfortunate enough to be caught in its gravity well. The Pulsar also interferes with the Energy and electrical grids on nearby vessels because of the beam of electro-magnetic radiation that pulsars emit…thus increasing the already immense power of this weapon. Due to the nature of the way the weapon works…it requires a long time to charge between shots.

To assist the ship with the long reload between shots with the IEACPCs, the ship is armed with 7 Quantum phased infinity charged singularity cannon turrets, these weapons fire a singularity or a varying heat (due to being charged with infinity energy…which is particles of a near-infinite temperature fluxuation) these weapons have a reasonably fast fire-rate which make them ideal for covering the long reload of the IEACPCs.

The Liberator is of course powered by an Infinity Reactor Core – as that is the standard for Battlecruisers fleet-wide.

One Sacrifice that the Liberator does make is that it sacrifices some shield strength and thicker hull armour for its firepower and speed, therefore it is only equipped with dual layer shields rather than the tri-layer shields that most battlecruisers would have…giving it only about 70% of the shield capacity of most other Varolian Battlecruisers.

The Liberator has extremely powerful engines, utilizing the new Gravity Propulsor/thruster assembly

It is also equipped with a class 6 AI - this type of AI is fully self-aware and is able to give tactical opinions and advice…as well as being able to directly control many different systems at once, unless AI lockout has been engaged (A system put in place in case of a rouge AI, this has not happened in over 100 years however the lockout is very cheap to install so it is still a standard safety system on all ships with an AI)


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