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Name Imittis the Quiet (Imittis means harsh in Latin. He obtained his name because of his immense strength)
Nickname Imittis or Imp
Gender Male
Age Adult
Pack Dusk Pack // Opacare Grex
Rank Guard
Spiritual Standings He is a strong disbeliever, though he tends to keep that to himself.


Build Heavy, stocky, and very large. With the mix of mountain breeds, he was left with a very muscular build
Key Features Curled tail (over left side), rough patch of fur behind his shoulders, slightly wrinkled feet/ankles
Fur Length Medium (Very short for his breed mix except his tail and around his neck)
Height Tall
Weight Heavy
Accessories His only accessorie is a rope he stumbled upon whilst exploring. He came upon a very sunken village and ropes were tied to planks and wood scraps. He took one in remembrance of the little area that fascinated him.


Likes being alone, exploring, mythology (though he doesn't believe in any of it), finding strange objects, wading in shallow water

Dislikes being crowded, having to stay in one place, hearing about spirits from extremely religious others, only sight of sand dunes

Flaws He is very high strung, often times snapping at others, not on purpose though.

Talents Tracking and attacking. He is very strong, so defense is his best ability.

Personality [High Strung] • [Secretive] • [Independent] • [Curious]

High Strung - He is very high strung because there is always so much on his mind. It's not that he hates all others, it's just that the ignorance of some really gets to him. Because of this he tends to be very anti-social.

Secretive - Because others often bother him, he tends to keep to himself. Due to trust issues (he never had a true friend, so he's never talked about anything to anyone, another reason for being high strung), he is very quiet about what is on his mind and tends to stress out because he has no release.

Independent - Since he isn't fond of others, he is also very independent. He relies on his own thoughts and his own abilities to get him anywhere. Even though it helps to be independent, it is also very difficult because he tends to push away others.

Curious - Imittis is very curious. He loves to explore and discover new ideas and items. If anything, it usually gets him into trouble because he either strays too far from his post or pokes his nose into business that isn't his.

History As a puppy, Imittis was almost instantly abandoned. His mother disliked his appearance because as a puppy, his was very fluffy and wrinkly, almost the appearance of a Shar Pei puppy, and he was also the only pup in the litter, his mother assuming he wouldn't survive. He was left to his own defense, but he thought that was how it was for all puppies. Continuing to be alone, he was almost a ghost to the pack, all others ignoring him. This led to being independent and secretive. Having no parent to correct him or teach him, he often got into trouble. Imittis always left the security of the pack to explore. He loved to train himself, the only thing he would waste his day doing was teaching himself how to attack. Soon enough, he became very strong. Strong enough to defend the pack and growing to an extremely large height, size, and weight. Once he was finally noticed (due to his immense size), he was promoted to a guard. The pack believed his size and strength would come to good use for protection.


Family His family is unavailable to him. He assumes they belong some where in the pack, or possibly became loners, but he is almost 100% positive they are alive, however, no one in the pack really knows where he came from, so they have no way to educate him about his past (will create the parents later). Being born the only puppy in a litter, he has no siblings.

Fragile the Coarse
mother - milk mother in Opacare Grex

Ingens the Vulgar
father - deceased (Imittis isn't aware)

Relationship Status He is single, and will more than likely stay that way. Unless he stumbles upon a female with similar interests, he wishes to stay alone.
Exclusive Mate none
Nonexclusive Mate(s) none
Pups none


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