Lupini Frelyk (One of my new fantrolls) Picture

Pesterchum name: vrikodaraAsena

Typing Issue: <^.-.^> Starts with a “wolf face” and tends to sometimes get out of control with his oooooooooos. Otherwise perfect grammar and punctuation.

Font Color: Timber Wolf Gray. Wants to hide his blood color because it's rare. Unfortunately his tail is his blood color on the top.

Wolf (found in Celtic, Mayan, Chinese, and Native American signs)

Symbol: Any kind of wolf, generally tribal. Loves the randomizing setting.

Mythological entity named for: gray wolves are the 1st name. Freki and Lykaia make up the last name

Blood Color: Orchid (rare purple)

God Tier: Bard of Blood

Can be quite unpredictable and angry at times. Being a lone wolf is hard, after all. Generally he's kind...unless you're prey. He gets along pretty well with Nepeta. After all, the lion and the wolf want the same thing in the end. He does get in fights at times, but that's because he was raised as a wolf by a wolf. He speaks clearly even when angry. However, when he's angry he does tend to growl as well.

-extra info not needed-


Nepeta: possible Matesprit, most likely unrequited.

Weshen: Moirail

Karkat: Mixed feelings. Finds him annoying yet is bound by pack law to follow him. He is his polar opposite on most things. As such this has lead to something of a mutual “fuck you” which they have agreed will stay in place.

Morgan: Sees her as the alpha female, and is glad she's there because otherwise Karkat would be even more annoying and piss him off even more. While she doesn't really do much except calm him down, it's enough.

Okami: His Wolf-mother Lusus. She survived the session.

Strife Portfolio: Clawkind, Fangkind

Fetch Modus Setting: Pack -allows 2 alpha cards which are used most, followed by a beta which is used 2nd most to the 2 alpha cards, and the rest form the omega cards, which are used less. They form the ranks themselves based on your habits and can re-arrange as well-

Age: 6.7 Alternian Solar Sweeps (15 years)

Planet: Land of Caves and Silence (Possibly started in the Land of Pulse and Haze, as it is associated with the Blood aspect, but mostly tends to avoid it because he finds Karkat's whining incredibly annoying)

Name Breakdown (Troll) : The 1st name is a combination of the scientific breakdown of the name. Canini is the tribe and makes up the 2nd half of the 1st name with “ini”. C. Lupus is the species, making up the 1st half of the 1st name with “Lup”. Lycaon is a Roman/Greek myth. The Lykaia was a set of athletic games hosted by Zeus every 4 years and making up the last half of the last name with “Lyk”. Freki is a Norse/Germanic myth. He is 1 of 2 of Odin's faithful pets and were of good omen. This is the 1st half of the last name, “Fre”

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : Vrikodara means “wolf-stomached”. This term was used to describe Bhima, the veracious son of Vayu in Indic myths. It is the 1st half of the name. The second half is Asena, a Turkish myth. It tells of a she-wolf who acts as a mother to a small child. This eventually leads to the creation of the creation of the Turkish people. Presumably the reason for this combination is to show that while he can be (unpredictably) cruel he can also be caring and loving.

Personality Qualities: generally misunderstood and was originally hated because of his symbol and his lusus. He has a high sense of loyalty and values honesty. He will do anything for his leader (even if he finds him annoying at times) He's actually rather social even tho he was raised by a lone wolf, pack behavior runs in his blood. He often finds himself translating for the others what it is Karkat is ranting about because of his communication skills. He also tends to be the best with talking rationally with humans. His presence sparks fear in many Lusii, for he and his lusus hunted together. However, like any civil being, they used every bit of what they killed. He's very generous, having learned to give more then he takes. He's also very cunning and intelligent. He catches on to things quickly and as such will NOT allow anyone to play him. If Karkat is to be the alpha, so be it, but he will be the beta. The only ones aloud to pull anything over on him is Karkat and Morgan. He's compassionate and deeply faithful, yet at times finds a dark love of blood shed. He knows at times it's completely necessary, having been raised the way he was. He's very good with strategies. If he ever did decide to start hunting...he would never be found out, he'd b sure of that.

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