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... okey, a colored Cain pic... gah, I wish I had done the shoes with a dif. color >.<;

Char Sheet:


Name: Cain Backster
Nicknames: ??? (Hasn't got one... yet...)
Age: 58 human years (but looks like he's 20 in human years... Base Color: White (sky blueish shading)
Markings: Grey/Black (Black only in a not so lighted place)
Eye Color(s): Deep Sea Blue (Clear Dark Blue)
Color(s) of the Webbing of the Wings: Light Grey (Inside)
Dark Grey/Black(outside)


- Can spit fire out of his mouth (he IS a dragon after all...) this is also why he has been in "the Frozen Hell" for 50 years waiting for Asuki the RavenFox to wake up (this is still a mystery... and is another story and not the one found in the 3 Story deviations in my gallery), his body actualy heats itself up with the flames he can create. (no one knows how it works, not even I know how that works
- Can summon his Katanas, the Fang of the Light/Sun and the Fang of the Dark/Moon, both have mystical powers that resonade(if that's a typoe, please tell me
- Can everything about his wings, the size, length, height, etc (except color...) this also gives him the ability to "shrink" the webbing on his wings when not using them, making his wings his ultimate defence, because as the webbing "shrinks" it doesn't dissapear, it packs into a hard shield, like the legendary "Dragon Scales" that appear in mythological stories...

- he "Leaps" forward whilst running, even taking over a mile of road with one leap, without touching the ground or being over a ½ a meter away from the ground, and ranging over 300 miles/min whilst doing a leap. (normal Runing speed: over 260 miles/min. Remember this is his "Normal" speed, if he feels like it)


Weapons & Skills:

The Fang of the Light/Sun:
Katana with a Special ability to create a light like the Sun and to create a shield that looks like 2 huge yellowish shiny featherwings that are like a barrier that electrifies anything that tries to get past the barrier. The sword itself is so sharp that it can slice a building, with a soft swipe that doesn't even touch it, the building slicing neatly into two, not even a brick/plank of wood can drop/splinter before hitting the ground.

The Fang of the Dark/Moon:
Katana with a Special ability to create a sonicboom when hit straight to the ground, also can make an earthquake with the same hit (but Cain has to focus alot of energy into it...). The Fang can also create a pack of black smokelike wolves that "hunt down it's pray" and kill the "pray" instantly by just going trough them, it's called "Dark Hunters" This may be the only Ability pf Cain's Fangs that has a name. The Fang of the Dark/Moon has the same basic abilities like the Fang of the Light/Sun.

Marthial Arts:
Cain can do nearly any kicking, punching or "tail whiping" move there is, But he doesn't actualy use them alot...


Other Stuff about Cain:
- Cain seems aggressive and like a loner at times, but he actualy has a soft spot for Asuki the RavenFox, as he has known her since he was 2 weeks old. So he is only grumpy, aggressive and a loner to others, but to Asuki he actualy smiles sometimes and talks to her.
- Cain has a need to protect her, but on her rules, wich he knows even without her telling them to him. Cain is like a bodyguard for Asuki, but as a friend on the same wavelength, and not like a overprotective dad...
- Raven, Cain's other "half", comes forth only when Cain feels like and knows that Asuki is in danger. Raven also appears when Cain is in danger himself, in a helpless and tight jam. More about Raven when I get mahself some Black colorpencils, mmmhm.


Normal Stats:

- Cain can speed to over 260miles/min speeds. But he still can showoff his max speed by having a light "teleportation" effect that Asuki has, but only for a moment.

- isn't very strong, but that's because he focuses more on accuracy than bashing the opponents away. Tough he isn't strong, he bluffs by using his brain, (he has an IQ over 150).

- Cain's immune to diseases and to fire (he is a dragon, duh), cold and water, but he isn't immune to electricity nor to steel. tough he's got guts and has alot of it, he still can die, not like Asuki or Lucifer (Lucifer doesn't die, he gets Broken xD)


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If I missed something or you want to know more about Cain, comment here and I'll edit the Char sheet thingy above this text xD
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