Fathom Universe: Introduction Picture

In all the years I've spent awkwardly struggling to put a story I didn't just like, but loved together, I've tried many, many things, and none of them worked. The biggest reason for this was simply my lack of preparation and self-confidence, but another was that I was trying too hard to build a universe strictly for others.

This past year, which I apologize for being so quiet on my part, a lot of that changed. I took my time, I researched, I asked questions, the real questions, and got the answers I needed. I needed to write something I enjoyed, that I would want to read. And the long road road of preparation has led to this day and this announcement. As I said in my accompanying journal, the new project, Fathom, is finally ready to be revealed. And now I'll change tracks here and show a few answers to some expected questions.
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