Earth Collage Picture

A Collage of all the pictures that inspired my view of the Planet Earth in my FanFiction.
It’s basically a blue planet like our Earth but not as modern in some ways even though more advanced in others. Just a little more magical and with different continents that are called: Elysion, Eden, Nirwana, Avalon, Walhall, Asgard, Utgard and Midgard. (Yes I stole from different mythologies again xD) Some kind of mix between medieval and modern that’s also showing in the architecture. There’s no other place in the solar system that has so many different types of nature, technology and mentalitiy combined on one planet. They also protect the Gold Crystal, the Dream Mirror and the Black Crystal.

NONE OF THE ART IS MINE! I found all the pictures with Google and they are from many different sites and artists. ALL THE RIGHTS BELONG TO THE VARIOUS ARTISTS! I DON’T OWN ANYTHING!!! I just put them together.
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