Batomar Picture

A new sketch i did, possibly my new favorite character! He's quite simple really, a Ram, a Gazelle, a Ring Tailed Lemur, and a Lion/Panther.

Before the reign of Order, the spirits of the Mountains, Forests, Highlands, and Savannahs gathered at the earthen mound. Their greatest creations were placed before them, and formed what is now the spirit of Batomar. The horns and head of a Ram and a Gazelle, the body of a Lion, and the tail of a lemur were drawn together into this spirit of stability. With his roar he shook the mountains, with his pounce he claimed the Savannahs, with his agility, the forests were his, and with his speed, the Highlands bowed to to him. Batomar, spirit of Stability, would stand until Order calmed the lands and tamed the spirits that roamed freely.

Category: Mythological
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