Smile Reference Picture

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Alias: (The) Smile

Reasons: It was originally for the irony of Smile actually being a frowner type of person. Their annoyance at having many people telling them to 'smile' over that years is another reason ("Just ignore them and smile!").

Real Name: Devon 'Dev(ie)' Yoon.

Theme/Character Song: Traitor by Daughtry

Alliance: True Neutral (Smile's Lawful and Chaotic balance out, Smile is certainly not a hero).

Gender+Sex: Non-Binary (Pronouns: Xe, Xirs, and Xem)

Ethnicity: Multiracial: Caucasian (British Isles, France, Italy), Afro-Can (Haiti and W. Africa), and Asian (Korea, China, Vietnam). Obviously, xirs Asian side shows up most.

Place of Birth: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Colour Scheme: Neutral and monochromatic

Background: Born from Korean-Can father and Afro-Can mother. Had one older brother.
-An introvert, had only a few close friends.
-Had to deal with some asian stereotypes in the small community.
-After coming out as non-binary, xe became a loner.
-Father never used xirs pronouns. Mother had to be reminded. Brother accepted xem.
-Made a close friend in highschool. They both went to university.
-Xe always had an interest in fairy tales and dark magic, but was always and amateur at it.
-After an incident of abandonment or betrayal, xe began to practice more dark rituals.
-That 'Smile Face' symbol was a symbol xe found in one of the magic books. Xe painted that face on xemself during rituals.
-After a complex ritual, became Smile. Made mother and brother forget that xem existed.

- Teleporting xemself and objects across small distances by using Void Portals.
-Void things or people out: void out or twist memories, make people or objects disappear, invisible on cameras, wipe out their presence, etc. (Limited to a certain size).
- Enter closed voidy spaces (how xe can travel).
-One-sided telepathy: Smile can send out xirs voice into another's subconscious. Whether the person totally hears it or not depends (their own self-awareness, mental abilities, 'oneness with the Void', etc).
- Can suggest ideas to other, making targets hear or see things.
-Sometimes Smile can hear what another person is thinking. This is only when xe's poking around in the other's subconscious.
- Healing: Uses xirs Inner Void to stitch up big wounds. Disappears when 'turned off'.
-When Smile undoes the jaw stitches, it becomes a mini black hole. The downside to this is that xe can't talk.
- Xe can easily go a week without food. Still need to drink on a regular basis, though.
-Smile can make xirs pupils appear. This is mostly as a scare factor.

- Goods points include independent, knowledgable, passionate, cautious, calm, and stealthy.
-Bad points include being slightly self-righteous, distant, unfettered, prideful, a grudge holder, oh yeah, and a murderer.
- Smile uses xirs abilities to promote xirs brand of social justice (i.e, a person who committed a crime but escaped indictment).
-Xe has a pretty dark sense of humour (influenced from a friend).
- Xe prefers to deal out ironic and mind-fucking 'punishments'. Sees death as the ultimate punishment.
-Some deaths were accidental.
- Besides Darkness magic, Smile studied Psychology, as well as Sociology, Mythology, and Politics.
-Smile can 'turn off': the marks and stitches disappear, xirs eyes come back, and xe can talk again. Xe doesn't need to eat much, though.
- That pouch holds many tools for the ironic punishments, as well as pens and paper to communicate properly.
-Xirs greatest fear is what could happen if they became totally one with the darkness (becoming a black hole, disappearing into nothingness, etc.)
- Xe's hair used to only get curly when it was wet. Now it's curly all the time!

Might add more, but this is all for now.
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