Elesirdur - Fourm Signature Picture

Took a few hours this evening to whip up a nice new signature for the Final Fantasy XI fourms I'm constantly on. I've been rather impressed at the quality of some of the fourm sigs that people have created, and with the use of the FFXI Model Viewer, it's easy to get just the right character models for the job. Incorporating my limited experience with star fields I thought it would make a neat backdrop for my character. The stars come to represent the Grace of the Gods of Vana'diel and the two character images display the dusk (on the right, muted) and the dawn (left, with a lightened glow). The dawn is important in FFXI mythology given the power of the Goddess of the Dawn, Altana, and her place as the divine figure at the head of the church of Vana'diel, and inparticular San d'Oria. But enough geeking out regarding the virtual world I spend too much time in. This is also a first at an integrated design piece; I wish I was as good a digital artist as I was a writer ('-'*)~

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