Angel Statue Picture

This well sculpted winged statue decorates the General’s main entrance in the high command center of my army camp.

This statue is called “The Samothrakis Win”. Samothaki is an island on the northern part of the Greek seas just below Alexandrouloli [link] . It was a dedication from Dimitri the “Conqueror” in 190 BC after he won a great battle in Cyprus. This statue was placed on the front of his ship as a sign of power. From there on ships started to decorate their front sides with ladies or other mythological figures to bring them luck.

It was found 1863 from the French foreign minister Sampuazo and instead of taking it to the Greek archeological authorities he took it to the museum of Louver in France

Greek diplomats are working to bring this important part of Greek legacy back home but the French government refuses.
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