Arcturos Constellation Picture

The constellation Arcturos /'the Judge', featuring Beta Arcturii, the Magellan flare nebula, and the Tristaan group, a family of blue supergiant stars just beyond the Magellans. This star constellation lies between Earth and the Crux arm of the Milky way, and also includes the Ribulon and Vyron nebulae, the small megalanic cloud, and galaxies Omega, Rydia, and Hydrea.

The human and Tore mythologies for this constellation in particular are similar in most respects. On Earth, this group was known as Arcturos the Judge, a robed man who held before him a tipping scales held in place by an eye of flame (B Arc). To the Tore, it is known as M'Raat, the Judge Executor to Reibahk, who sentences blasphemers who offend the Gods. He holds before him a book of law that, when open, releases a punishing flame to sinners.

Arcturos constellation, the SGSFU (c) Rob Kruse 1995-2011
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