Angel Skeleton Picture

Here is another one in my series on mythological skeletons, this time it being an angel. If I had to choose, I would say this skeleton has been the hardest one yet to draw, seeing as its wing base is completely different from the previous ones. It it just near impossible to attach the wings in the same way I did the dragon and Griffon, leaving it up for debate if this arrangement would work or not.

Instead of fusing the collar bone and shoulder blade like I did in the previous works, I now actually added an extra shoulder blade to keep the wing in place. Since this was not clearly visible in side view, a detail back view is added (as is one for the pelvis and foot).

I would really like to know if you guys think this configuration would work (muscles are supposed to run to the sternum btw) or if you have any other ideas on how to attach an angel's wing. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.
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