Fallen Picture

This is for something else I've been working on, it's a mystery/supernatural thing called Fallen. Unlike Masked it's not an rp but more of a novel, I may post it up on the internet later on.

The story takes place in Korea, with small inspirations from old Korean mythology. The company 'S.E.I.' acts as a contractors hiring 'sub-contractors' known as Shinkyos to destroy supernatural enemies known as 'Scourge'.

The two characters share great resemblance, but are they the same person? It's one of the mysteries in the series. To show this fact I used contrasting images and different shading pens, while I put in the dark on the Fallen One's jacket (on the left) I left it largely white on Simon (right). When it came to their skin shadings I even used lighter and darker pens.

Note: The scanner made the picture shift slightly, so the building may look a little sideways.
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