Homestuck Oc Picture

Name: Aegrea Persis (e-gre-A per-sis)

Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps (13 earth years)

Blood type: Yellow

Lusus: Konra (snake)

Trolltag: whimsicalGlance

Typing style: types with a yellow tint and replaces o with (), c with (, capital H with (-) and I with 1. Any emoticons eyes are replaced with 0 e.g. : P = 0P or writes []__o

(an y()u be qu1et f()r a se(()nd? What sh()uld 1 d()!? [].O (-)ere we g() (-)1!What are y()u up t()? 0)

Abilities: psychic, visions (fuzzy glimpse into one of multiple futures, presents or pasts). Having visions is painful for her and she doesn’t always understand them 100%.

Strife specibus: spherical objects, mainly marbles.

Fetch Modus: a game of marbles. Each item gets a marble with a number corresponding to the item. These numbered marbles are placed in a circle and Aegrea must use a marble to knock the numbered marbles out of the circle which allows her to use the item. She gets 3 marbles and if she uses them all she must wait 10 minutes until she can use them again.

Personality: while she is happy and helpful around others she becomes rather depressed when left alone for long amounts of time. This is because she isn’t distracted anymore and ends up focusing on her visions which confuse and frighten her. However she can prevent this by generally keeping busy but she would much rather be around others; however her desire to interact tends to annoy them as they see her as clingy.

Reasoning behind it all

My trolls theme is the Grey Sisters or Graeae from Greek mythology who all shared one eye and one tooth hence her appearance. “The Graeae were daughters of the sea-deities Phorcys and Ceto. Thus, they were among the Phorcydes, all of which were either aquatic (sea-based) or chthonic (earth-based) deities. The Graeae were sisters to the Gorgons.” Why yellow blood then? Well her symbol is a nod to the sea part as it is the star sign for Hydra the female water snake which also ties in to the part about the gorgons. Her horns are also a reference to gorgons as they are curvy, the bottom being the tail and the little spike the hair of the gorgon. Her lusus is also a part of this as it is a large two headed snake with one eye on each head. Her use of marbles as a weapon ties back to the whole one eye thing, I always imagine the eye as a sort of large marble and there are also marbles called cat eyes.

Aegrea = Graeae

Persis = fourth sister

Her fetch modus also has a reason as to why she can only use 3 marbles. The number 3 is apparently associated Hecate, the Queen of the Witches and Goddess of the Crossroads, this ties into her visions of multiple futures, presents and pasts which relates to the crossroads part. 3 is also apparently associated with the colors yellow, lemon, beige and cream; her blood is yellow so it all ties back in. why 10 minutes? There really isn’t a reason for the number but I wanted a cool down period because marbles isn’t that difficult a game and if there wasn’t a forced time limit then she’d just be able to spam it and use items whenever she wanted.

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