Caelestibus Application: Cathal (Nuada) Picture

Name: Cathal Dylan Athol

Age: 15 years old

Year: 1

Birthday: March 15th

Nationality: Irish

Deity: Nuada

Faction: Celtic Mythology


  • Wode

  • Swords/daggers/ most sharp shiny objects

  • Nature/Natural Places

  • Anyone stronger than him

  • Swearing at people in Gaelic

  • Potato and leek soup

  • His siblings


  • Being teased for not knowing English well

  • His hair being touched/ruffled in any way

  • Being perceived as weak

  • Being called Cat, or anything other than Cathal


  • Withdrawn; he’s not a people person, but that’s mostly because he can’t understand them

  • Protective; he is a big brother so he’s used to protecting everyone around him regardless of their relation to him

  • Honest; he despises liars and cannot lie himself

  • Loyal; Cathal is loyal to a fault, he will never betray or lie to you

  • Stoic; he doesn’t cry or portray much emotion, but if you get to know him, he’s just a big softy

  • Self-Critical; he always believes his work can be better, even if it’s text book perfect

  • Workaholic; he works until the job is done and at some points until the next and the next are done

  • Distrusting; he well knows that there are liars, betrayers, and other evils out there, so he is wary of everyone and everything, but once you have his trust it cannot be lost

  • Attentive; nothing escapes him, he sees everything, which is a blessing and a curse


Family: Five younger sisters (Aednat, Cassidy, Clodagh, Iona, and Gael), two younger brothers (Sean and Eoin), and his mother (Maebh)

History: Cathal was born into one of the few native Gaelic speaking families in Ireland, and Gaelic is his first language. His father has always been rather absent only showing up for a few months of every year. Cathal has always been the one to provide for his family. He never realized what he was until the day of his claiming. One arm dyed blue from wo\de, and the other by a large black tattoo, the mark actually glowed against his skin. A swirling Celtic knot (the replica of which is on his face), his mother was quite taken aback, and Cathal swore he had no idea how he had gotten it. It remained on him for three weeks before he was contacted by Philomena. For him it was three weeks of pure terror, the only thing he could think of was his family, even at the academy not a day goes by without thinking of his siblings (especially Eoin).


Elective classes: Nature Study and Music

Extracurricular activities: Fencing


Additional Info/ Fun facts:

  • His name means One of Great Battle Might

  • He is left handed, but uses his right to fool people

  • His left arm is constantly died blue by wode

  • The tattoo on his face is a replica of his claiming tattoo

  • His swords are named Lealdade (loyalty) Honradez (honesty) Hanra (honor)

· Lealdade is a two handed sword, but Cathal occasionally wields her with one

Thanks to Dark for doing the eyes

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