Lavender and Mjolnir Picture

OKay so I decided to draw something more of Lavender's childhood

Her mother is an archiologist who specializes in Norse Mythology so on one expidition she takes Lavender with her but loses Lavender while reading an ancient text, Lavender wonders the ruins playing with her flashlight and shadow till she wonders into an anti-chamber where in the center is a stone table holding a hammer on the sides are runes that she cant translate so she places her flashlight on top of the slab facing twards the hammer.

(The runes say (on left side) Here lies Mjolnir(on right side) Ragnarok awaits)

Lavender(C) me joshuahanson
Lavender(C) me arygwen
Mjolirs desingn(C) Amon Amarth's Twighlight of the Thundergod
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