AlphaBeasts Week I: A is for Ankou Picture

It's time for another weekly alphabetical project! Instead of living, breathing animals, we're now doing an A-to-Z of mythical creatures and fictional monsters called ALPHABEASTS!

My entry for "A" is ankou. Ankou is a personification of death in Breton mythology as well as in Cornish and Norman French folklore. In other words, it's the French Grim Reaper.

It is thought to be a skeletal figure wearing a robe with a large brimmed hat, holding a scythe and a lantern. It watches over the final resting places of the dead, guarding and protecting their graves, and capturing lost souls on its land. Oral tradition states that every parish in Brittany has its own ankou, and that the final person to die in a year becomes the ankou for the following year.

Microns, Sharpie, and Prismacolor marker on 11x14 drawing stock.
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