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well.....there's a story behind this, but i don't feel like writing it now :I


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Julian was a young boy, and he had a twin sister named Imperia. They were always together. And when they weren't, they'd talk to others about the other. Some had a hard time believing they were twins. But Julian and Imperia didn't care about that. They were together, and that's what counted.

Julian and Imperia lived in a small goldenian orphanage. They had been adopted quite a few times, but somehow there would always happen "strange" accidents in the house they lived in, scaring the parents into sending the two children back. They never minded it, they were together after all!

Julian and Imperia might've been twins, their interests were quite diffrent. Julian loved music and would often write his own songs. People would often comment on his voice and how the music he made would almost hypnotise them. Imperia on the other hand loved history and anything mythical. She spend most of her time in the small library of the orphanage, trying to get her hands on any book about history, fairytales or the gods she could. But no matter how diffrent Julian and Imperia's interests were, they would always stick together.

However, after they got brought back for the ninth time, the autorities made a rather harsh descision: The twins would be seperated by the next time they would be adopted. The next time someone would come to adopt them, only one of them could go with the new parents.

When Imperia and Julian heard that, their reactions were to be expected. Imperia broke down into tears and Julian tried everything to calm her down. They decided to run away the very night they heard the news.

Their attempt to escape was futile, as they were caught before they got far. They didn't give up, but after the fifth time they got brought back by the cops their hope began to fade.

Eventually the day they dreaded arrived: Julian got adopted by a young couple, unable to get children of their own. The Twins said their tearful goodbyes, and that very night was the first one they weren't together.

Julian and Imperia both began to do more with their interests as a distraction. Julian started playing mutliple instruments, and became really good at them. Imperia began to send letters to diffrent temples asking to be trained to become a temple guardian, since it fited her interests or history and mythology. Eventually something good happened to the both of them.

Julian got a letter from a famous orchestra, asking him to come over for an autition. They had heard bit and parts of music Julian's parents had send them, and they were very interested in the young talent. After two weeks and a lot of practicing of his favourite instrument -an orcarina-, he went to the autition. He had to play for the whole orchestra. Julian noticed he wasn't alone, there were a few other people, but they were all older than him. Each of them had a diffrent instrument, and every instrument had it's own unique sound. Julian got nervous. What if he wouldn't become part of the orchestra? His father tried to calm him down with the thought that he was still young, and that he had plenty of time to develope his musical abilities.

Eventually it was Julian's turn. Three people asked him a few questions, and he anwerd each one of them politely. When he was about to start playing he suddenly thought of his sister. If he could get in the orchestra, he could maybe come on tv! And if he could come on tv, then she would be able to see him! Maybe he could get famous and become rich! And if he was rich, he would be able to buy a house where he and Imperia could live!

The posibilities confused him a bit, but they also excited him, and he decided that no matter what, he WOULD get into the orchestra. And with that in mind he started playing his orcarina.

After the audition Julian felt tired. He didn't even know why, but he knew that he gave it his all. His father commented on how good he had played, and that there was a big chance that he'd end up as the younges person in that orchestra ever! Julian didn't pay any attention to what his father said, and choose to close his eyes and think of what would happen if he'd get in.

Eventually one of the members of the orchestra called over the people for the results. Everyone seemed nervous, even those who had remained calm during the audition were now almost biting their nails of. Everyone was nervous, except for Julian.

It was not really a suprise to Julian or his father that Julian got picked to play in the orchestra. The other people in the orchestra were amazed by the talent Julian had, and saw a lot of potential in him.

After being congratulated by the other participants and recieving a small book which all the data of practice sessions and upcoming concerts Julian and his father left the building to go home. Julian never felt happier in his life. Thinking that now, he would surely be able to be together with his sister again.

In the meantime, Imperia had recieved a letter back from one of the biggest temples she had send a letter to. They told her that there was actually a small class for girls like her, who wanted to become temple guardians or even priestresses. The building where they were being educated about the gods and what each of them did wasn't that far away from the orphanage, so she could go there if she really wanted to. Imperia didn't even have to ask if she could go there, the people in the orphanage gladly let her go there. After recieving what seemed like a dress and headband -and finding out that was her uniform- she was ready to start on her new school. She knew that she had the knowlege to do well on there, and she knew she didn't have to move somewhere else. So in short: this was a dream come true.

Imperia soon became the star student, always knowing the answers to everything. But luckily for her her classmates didn't bully her because of it. In fact, they would often go her if they needed help. She even got the nickname "Priestress of the Twilight Fields" from one of her teachers. After doing some research Imperia found out that the "Twilight fields" were places placed all over the world where wisdom and balance ruled. Imperia felt honored, but felt like that title was a bit too much for her.

Soon she had to make an important choice, which would influence the path she was going to take. She had to choose if she wanted to become a temple guardian, which would involve a lot of physicall training, or if she wanted to become a priestress, which would involve a lot of mental training. She didn't know what to choose, but then realised something. Priestresses were the closest a human could get to becoming a god without dying, and everyone looked up to them. They were wise, kind and close to a certain god too! This made the choice a lot simpler, and the next day the class got seperated in two parts; the part that would end up being temple guardians and the part that would end up being priestresses.

Imperia and three other choose to become priestresses, the other seven all choose to become temple guardians. Imperia prayed to the gods that night, like she did every night ever since she started going to that school. She prayed that she and her brother would end up together again if she's become a priestress.

The next day the orphanage recieved a call from someone who was interested in adopting Imperia. Imperia didn't look forward to leaving the orphanage, but after a week it seemed unavoidable it was going to happen. She packed the few possesions she had and her school uniform and went with her strange new parents.

The house Imperia moved into was in a small neighborhood, and somehow she just knew she wasn't going to like it, at all. But all of that changed when she met the neighbors, or more specifically, their son.

Julian noticed from his window that his neighbors -who he had never liked much, they were too quiet and would often complain if he was making music- were talking about something on their driveway. He also noticed that there was a single suitcase standing in between them. He took a closer look at the suitcase, but he froze when he realised something.

That was his sister's suitcase!

Unable to contain his excitement he ran downstairs to tell his parents the news. They looked shocked for a while, before they gave eachother a worried look. Julian didn't notice this, and grabbed his jacket as he went outside. He would see his sister again! after a year he would FINALLY see his sister again!

Imperia was sitting in her room. She didn't like it, it wad bigger than her old room, but somehow it felt colder. Her new parents were not the kindest, and they didn't hesitate to tell her that she only got adopted because she would become a priestress later. Imperia sighed, she wanted to go back to her TRUE home: the orphanage she grew up in.

Suddenly she could hear the doorbell. She heard her "father" open the door and ask whoever rang the doorbell what the hell he wanted. Then Imperia heard it: a familiar voice, which could only belong to one person. And she hadn't seen that person in a year time!

Imperia raced down th stairs, and for the first time in a year's time, she came face to face with her brother.

To say that the two of them were happy to see eachother was an understatement. They spend the rest of the day together. But when it was nearing dinnertime Julian and Imperia both got called back to their own homes. Both made a promise to make up for the time they had to spend apart from eachother.

But when Julian got home, both his parents wanted to talk to him. They warned Julian for Imperia's new parents. They told him that Imperia wasn't the first child that they had adopted. Somehow all the children they had adopted ended up missing. Authorities suspected that the parents had to do something with it, but there was never enough evidence to confirm it.

They made Julian promise that he would tell them if there was anything wrong with Imperia. Julian promised that without any hesitation. Je would help his sister, no matter what!

The next day Imperia wasn't at home. And when Julian asked here parents where she was they simply replied that she was at school, and that was the place where all "worthless brats" belonged.

As soon as Imperia got back from school she was nearly bombed with questions. Most of them about what kind of school she went to, and when she had started going there. She told Julian about what had happened which made het attend her school. Julian was impressed to say the least. After Imperia had finished her story she asked if anything big had happened to him.

Julian told her he had been in an audition to join a famous orchestra, and he told her he got in!

After a while the both of them had to say goodnight and go home. However, Imperia's day was far from over.

..........and this is where I get tired of my phone's lag and decide that you guys are going to have to wait for the rest of the story. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO~!
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